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Top Three Ways to Prepare for Going Back to School with Allergies

Back to School with Allergies - Preparation.
In addition to coping with the typical school-related parental concerns, parents of allergic children must consider how to keep allergic children safe while they are at school and, in general, preventing allergies from interfering with school performance.

Whether it's the first day of kindergarten, the first day of college, or any big day in between, being prepared can help allergic children - and their parents - breathe easier throughout the school year.

Environmental control is one of the best ways to keep allergies in check. This means reducing or eliminating exposure when possible, to limit reactions and hopefully lower the need for medication. Medication can range from comforting to life-saving, but keeping your allergies in control without as much medication is important considering that some research indicates common allergy medicine can lower grades!

Here are three easy yet effective ways to prepare for back to school with allergies:

  1. Allergy BeddingAllergy bedding can help kids get quality sleep. Poor sleep can affect everyone, but particularly children, both mentally and behaviorally - neither of which has a positive impact on school performance. Allergy relief bedding like Allergy Armor pillows and mattress covers keeps allergens out of your child's breathing zone during the night, ensuring a restful, solid night of sleep so he or she can be in tip-top shape for learning.
  2. Vanicream Vaniply for Eczema and Sensitive SkinControl eczema by keeping skin hydrated with products like Vanicream lotions, natural oils like almond oil (although consult with your allergist about using nut oil if your child has nut allergies), and using a humidifier at night if the air is dry. It can be difficult to find products, from detergent to personal care products, that work well for people with chronic dermatitis or eczema, but things like Vanicream, Free and Clear and anti-allergen cleaner from Ecology Works have a long history of working well for people with sensitive skin. Like allergies, eczema can influence a child's mental health, so keeping it under control is important, especially while school is in session.
  3. Food Allergy SuppliesAddress food allergies with school officials, especially teachers, adminstrators and the school nurse. Items like food allergy t-shirts can help cement mental awareness of your child's food allergy in the first few days of school. If your child needs to carry an EpiPen, be sure it isn't expired and make sure it's protected and accessible with a or an Ana-Tote Auto Injector Case. Ahead of time, work out a plan of action in case of emergencies and some simple procedures to reduce exposure to potentially life threatening allergens while at school.

Preventing allergies from either endangering your child or affecting their ability to excel in school is possible. Remember too, that the more allergen avoidance measures you put in place at home or at school, the less allergies will impact quality of life for school age children and other members of the household alike.