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Window Treatments and Allergy Sufferers

Chemicals are present in dry cleaning.

Spring cleaning is the perfect time to tackle those cleaning tasks that seem especially difficult. One of these chores is cleaning window treatments which are dust hotbeds. Allergy sufferers must pay attention to their cleanliness, but they also must pay attention to how they clean. Below are some tips and alternatives that will help you clean and help you breathe better all
year long.

Chemicals are present in dry cleaning.

Chemicals are present in dry cleaning.

    • Don't dry clean. Traditional drapery poses two problems for allergy sufferers.  First, the fabric is a dust magnet, especially if the treatment involves outer curtains and linings. These drapes are rarely, if ever cleaned. Secondly, when drapery is cleaned, it often requires dry cleaning. Dry cleaning chemicals can pollute indoor air and aggravate multiple chemical sensitivity and asthma. They even might trigger allergy attacks. Avoid these chemicals when possible, and air out dry cleaned items before bringing them into the home.

Reliable Pronto Handheld Steam Cleaner

    • Steam clean your drapes.  Steam mops and steam cleaners are allergy-friendly alternatives to dry cleaning. They use only heat and water to clean and sanitize nearly any surface in your home. Some options, like the combined Gruene Steam Cleaner and Mop,clean floors, furniture, drapes, and more. Or choose an exclusively portable unit like the Reliable Pronto Steam Cleaner. As a whole home cleaning solution, try a Ladybug steam cleaner. Especially when equipped with TANCS, they are a versatile, durable, and extremely effective tool to deep clean and sanitize the home.
    • Allergen WashUse washable curtains. If you want to use curtains, consider more allergy-friendly options like less heavy curtains that you can wash in the washing machine at home. For delicate fabrics that might get ruined with hot water, be sure to use a dust mite killing additive likeAllersearch Allergen Wash, De-mite Laundry Additive, or Anti-Allergen Laundry Detergent. These are effective in all temperatures of water.
  • Don't use curtains at all. A final option is to dispense with curtains altogether. Consider leaving windows undressed, especially if privacy is not an issue or if the windows themselves are decorative. Or, use shutters or blinds that can be easily vacuumed or dusted. The mini-blind vacuum attachment helps with this chore, as do dust cloths.

This spring, consider ditching allergy causing window treatments altogether in favor of more allergy-friendly options and make your cleaning routine - and your allergies - a little more manageable.