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Miele AirClean Filter - SF-SAC 20/30

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  • Inexpensive But Solid Microparticle Filtration
  • Easy to Use
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    Miele AirClean Filter - SF-SAC 20/30

    As the most basic type of filtration Miele vacuum cleaners offer, the the Miele AirClean filter traps 99.5% of particles 0.5 microns and larger while removing 95% of particles 0.3 microns or larger, surpassing all but HEPA filters in the removal of pollen, dust, dander, and other particle allergens. This filter comes standard with many Miele models, and while one of these replacement filters comes included in every box of Miele filterbags/dust bags, for those with very dusty homes or pets, they may need to be replaced more often. Each box of Miele AirClean SAC-30 filters comes with three filters included which can be cut to fit your specific size Miele vacuum cleaner. Fits all Miele canister and upright vacuum cleaners.

    Product Questions

    Should you use an air clean filter with a HEPA filter. One video showed putting the air clean filter under HEPA filter. I always thought it was one or the other. Thank you
    i need a bag my box says for s400i-s456i s600-s658 s800-s858 s2000-2999 s5000-s5999
    Which size canisters to these fit? Are they made by Miele?