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Miele H1 Swing Vacuum Cleaners

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    Miele H1 Swing Vacuum Cleaners

    As Miele bids farewell to the previous stick models, they welcome the new Miele H1 Swing upright stick vacuum cleaner. As a combination of the best features of each of the previous models, the Miele H1 Swing is a feature-packed stick vacuum at a more attractive price point. Ideal for apartments, lofts, and quick clean-up jobs, the H1 Universal Upright works well on low pile carpets, rugs, and smooth floor surfaces. Highly versatile and completely configurable, the Swing can be used as a stick upright or a handheld vacuum.

    Compact, lightweight, and eye-catching, it can be fitted with an electric powerbrush for cleaning pet hair or tackling medium pile carpet. The standard AirClean filter traps 99.95% of particles 0.5 microns and larger. It also has a larger bag capacity than comparable upright stick vacuum cleaners. The powerful Vortex motor and quality construction ensure the Miele H1 Swing will provide years of reliable service while withstanding the rigors of everyday use.

    *NOTE: The Miele H1 Swing upright vacuum was formerly known as the Miele S194 Quickstep. The only differences between this model and the new H1 Swing is the name. All other features have remained the same.


    • Miele H1 Swing Stick Vacuum Cleaner DetailsThe Air Clean Filter captures allergens like dust, pet dander and pollen, trapping 99.95% of all particles as small as 0.5 microns.
    • The Sealed System construction of the body keeps all the dust and debris inside, providing maximum protection for indoor air quality. Add an H13 Miele HEPA filter for some of the best filtration available in vacuums today.
    • Though the H1 Swing is compact, the powerful 1000 Watt motor provides strong suction with optimal usage of power.
    • Miele upright stick vacuum cleaners are tested to last a minimum of 1,000 operating hours or an average of 20 years residential use.*
    • Versatile & easily configurable - with the simple press of a clip, you can move the wand below the canister to clean under furniture. Or remove the wand altogether to create a handheld vacuum! Attach an SEB 217-3 to the body and make the Swing the ideal, lightweight vacuum for carpeted areas.
    • An electrical Direct Connection allows you to use an optional powerbrush for better carpet cleaning ability.
    • Ergonomic handle for your comfort.
    • Telescopic wand is adjustable for your convenience.
    • Electronic Power Control allows you to adjust the suction between two speeds.
    • Increased 28 ft. cleaning radius gives you even more reach to clean without having to switch outlets.
    • Durable, scratch resistant, ABS plastic body.
    • AirClean dust bag with a 2.6 quart capacity.
    • The layer of impact foil in the bag prevents sharp objects from penetrating the bag, and the dust bag seals for dust-free removal and hygienic disposal.
    • Dust bag change indicator alerts you when it's time to replace the hygienic bag.
    • Quiet Operation - even at the highest setting, you can still hear the phone ring.
    • Lightweight & easy to maneuver at only 9 pounds!
    • Comes with the new SBD 470-3 FiberTeQ Combo Floor Tool for smooth flooring and low pile carpeting.  It has a socket for an optional Powerbrush, Turbobrush, or Parquet Floor Tool.
    • Go from smooth floors to carpet with the quick click of a rocker switch.
    • 7 Year Warranty on the motor and 2 Year Warranty on parts and labor.
      * Used for 45 minutes on the highest setting, once per week.

    Miele H1 Swing Vacuum Cleaners - A Closer Look

    Miele SBD 470-3 Combination Tool FiberTeQ Combo Rug & Floor Tool
    The new FiberTeQ floor tool is part of a family of floor tools Miele has recently introduced. Slim and lightweight, the SBD 470-3 doubles as a smooth floor tool and a rug/low pile carpet cleaning attachment with just the flip of a switch. Great for lofts or smaller apartments where smooth flooring is predominant, the FiberTeQ is a great way to clean without the expense or hassle of multiple floor attachments.

    Ultimate Versatility - Modular Design The Swiss Army Knife of Vacuums
    Truly, the most unique feature of the Miele H1 Swing vacuum is its unrivaled versatility. The wand, handle and floor attachment are interchangeable. So you can use the S194 with just the handle and an attachment, turning it into a hand vac. You can also use the wand at the bottom, attached to the floor tool, which provides you with a slimmer profile for cleaning under furniture. Lastly, you can use the traditional configuration for all around cleaning ability on a variety of surfaces.

    Miele Swing H1 Vacuum Controls Miele Swing Sliding Controls
    The Miele H1 Swing offers two convenient locations where you can adjust the suction and power of the vacuum. By using a sliding control, the suction adjustment is always right at your fingertips, whether you're using the Quick Step as an upright vacuum or as a handheld.

    Miele Swing Stick Vacuum Attachments Miele Mini Accessories
    With the Swing H1, you get two mini attachments that not only expand your above-the-floor cleaning versatility but also store away neatly on an adjustable clip located on the wand. The crevice tool provides reach into thin, narrow spaces while the upholstery nozzle uses felt strips to allow you to quickly clean furniture and other upholstered items.

    Miele H1 Upright Dust Bag K/K Filterbag
    Though compact, the K/K bag of the H1 Swing offers greater fill capacity than comparable stick or handheld vacuum cleaners. Puncture resistant and color coded for easier replacement, the K/K vacuum bag slides into place and seals itself when removing, to keep allergens and dirt from escaping back into the air.

    Miele H1 Stick Vacuum AirClean Filter AirClean Filter
    For most people, the Sealed System and AirClean filter is all that you need to remove harmful particles from the air in your home. Not only does the Miele Swing clean your floors, but the AirClean filter traps 99.95% of all particles 0.5 microns or larger. And if the Air Clean filter isn't enough, you can always upgrade the a Miele H13 HEPA filter that provides certified HEPA filtration.

    Customer Reviews

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    Not too shabby
    I've got a pretty small loft apt. and I'm on a budget, so I couldn't afford anything much bigger or much more expensive. I will say though, for what I have, this thing works pretty good. It's thin enough to hang in my closet and unlike some of the battery powered vacs I've had in the past, this one won't poop out after 8 minutes of cleaning. It's got plenty of power and suction, isn't near as loud as any vacuum i've owned in the past and converts to a dust buster easy enough little heavy to use like this though. My only drawback is the floor tool works good on my harwoods and bathroom tile. On the doorway rugs... meh. I think I need something with a rotating brush for best results on carpet and rugs. I've had it for just about a year got my reminder email about the filter change, and in all, I'm pleased.
    Review by Rossana R. / (Posted on 4/9/2015)
    Just Right!
    We wanted a vacuum for our new kitchen tile floor that would be maneuverable around a table and chairs and light weight enough not to bang up our new cabinets. This vacuum was perfect. At nine pounds it is a little heavier than many stick vacuums, but it is clearly well constructed and powerful, which is a fair trade off.
    Review by Dave T. / (Posted on 4/9/2015)
    Mixed Feelings
    I'm so excited about my new vacuum. It is GREAT, but I must admit I'm a little disappointed that it is SO HEAVY and it can't fit under my furniture. I debated for several days, then decided to keep it anyway.
    Review by allergies and back trouble : / (Posted on 4/9/2015)
    Full featured vacuum
    I was looking for a good small vacuum. This is the one! Very well made. Thoughtful engineering.
    Review by Dave B. / (Posted on 4/9/2015)
    Quickstep keeps you quick on your feet
    I stopped by the store JUST TO LOOK and fell in love with this little ruby red vac! Not only is the color pretty but the performance is GREAT... I am able to use it on my micro-fiber sofa and get the pet hair off, also it works WONDERS on my hardwoods.. it is lighweight and the attachments are heaven sent! It stores away easy and makes me ENJOY vacuuming : It's worth the money! Great versatility!!
    Review by Quickstep Queen / (Posted on 4/9/2015)

    Miele H1 Swing Universal Upright Vacuum Cleaner Review
    Miele H1 Swing Vacuum Cleaners

    As a replacement to the S163 and S168, the new Miele H1 Swing upright features the best qualities of each of these vacuums, but at a more attractive price point. The Swing still features the suction of the 1000 watt Vortex motor and sealed system for better filtration. The H1 Swing also retains its signature versatility. With a showroom model in hand, I tested this handy vacuum on the lower level of my home.

    What I like about the Miele H1 Swing Vacuum

    There is little denying the versatility of this vacuum cleaner. The Swing has a modular design and features four basic components: handle, wand, body and floor tool. These can be configured in a variety of ways to make the vacuum better for more specific cleaning tasks. For cleaning under my bed, I use the wand at the base of the unit for better reach and a lower profile. For cleaning up quick spills, like spilling soil from the spider plant above the kitchen sink, I remove the wand and just use the handle plus the attachment. Regardless of your cleaning task, the versatility of the Swing to turn into a more appropriate cleaning machine is hard to deny.

    When it comes to cleaning the H1 Swing is up to the task. It shines on smooth flooring, but the FiberTeQ combo tool works well on the entryway rugs I have in my downstairs. There is only one small spot of carpet in that area of my home, and on it, the H1 worked great! The wand with the crevice tool was handy in cleaning behind my bookcases and along the baseboards and quarter-round. For what its designed to do, I can find no flaws.

    The Miele H1 Swing is lightweight and very compact. Weighing in at right around 9 lbs. it's approximately 10% lighter than older Miele stick vacuums. It easily fits into my closet and with the handy hook, I can hang it in the closet with my broom and steam mop. The mini attachments fit on a clip. The wand is telescopic and retracts, and the cord winds up behind the vacuum. Everything with the Swing folds up, wraps around or tucks away neatly!

    With the Miele Swing, the filtration is not quite on par with that of a HEPA equipped Miele, but for most people, the combination of the AirClean and pre-motor filters as well as the sealed system and AirClean bag will provide better filtration than that offered with "HEPA" vacuums you'll find at a big box retailer. Unlike shoddy imports, Miele vacuums are independently tested and certified to back up their air filtration claims.

    The Miele H1 is well built for being a compact vacuum cleaner. Comparable sticks are generally less expensive but also tend to be little more than dumpster fodder after you drop them once. The durable ABS shell of the H1 can take far more punishment and provide you years of service.

    This is minor, but... the overall cleaning reach is about two feet longer than that of the S163 or S168. While it is not a great deal, doesn't it always seem like if the cord were JUST a bit longer, things would be easier?

    The last notable feature about this vacuum is the price. With the retired S163 and S168 models, price was always a sticking point since we're talking about a stick upright vac. The H1 Swing is less expensive, and to do so Miele made one significant concession. The HEPA filter is optional. Though for the S163, this was also the case. So you have the electric capabilities of the S168 but a price closer to the older style S163.

    What I do not like about the Miele H1 Swing Vacuum

    This is not as much of a drawback as it is a reminder. The Miele H1 Swing is a stick vacuum cleaner. If you purchase it and expect the type of cleaning you would get from a full size U1, you are going to be disappointed. That being said, it is great for what it is designed to do.

    Generally, I prefer a HEPA filter, particularly if you're an allergy or asthma sufferer. My only other gripe with this machine is that Miele has yet to switch the H1 vacuums over to the AirClean bags. The Intensive Clean are of a better quality than what you'll find with most bagged vacuum cleaners, but AirClean provides better filtration and a spring loaded sealing system.

    The Miele H1 Swing universal upright is a great addition to any home. It can be used as the primary vacuum in smaller homes or apartments with mainly smooth flooring. The electric capability allows you to upgrade to a powerbrush at any time (ideal for pet hair on carpet and carpet in general), while the standard features provide you ample cleaning ability throughout the home. The lower price and Mango Red color are attractive features that add to an excellent overall package.

    Product Questions

    Does the Miele S194 stand upright on its own?
    What is the decibel number for the Miele S194 without the HEPA?

    Miele H1 Swing Vacuum Cleaners Specifications

    Best for: Smooth floors and low pile rugs
    Vacuum type: H1 Universal Upright Stick
    Color: Mango Red
    Construction : Durable ABS plastic
    Motor: 1000 Watt motor
    Airflow: 96 CFM
    Operating Radius: 28 ft.
    Bag type: K
    Bag capacity: 2.6 quart K/K Intensive Clean Plus dust bags
    HEPA Filter: Optional, AirClean Filter Standard
    Included Floor Tools: SBD 470-3 FiberTeQ (Combo Tool)
    Direct Connect for Power Brush:       
    Crevice Tool: Yes
    Dust Brush: No
    Upholstery Tool: Yes
    Dust Bag Change Indicator: Yes
    Filter Change Indicator: No
    Auto Cord Rewind: No
    Safety Shut-off: Yes
    Dimensions: 50" H x 6" W x 6" L
    Weight: 9 lbs.
    Warranty: 7 years on the motor - 1 year on parts and labor