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Miele Home Care Vacuum Cleaner Kit

  • Item #: ML0119
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  • Expands Your Cleaning Ability Throughout the Home
  • Compatible w/ All Miele Vacuums (except SFS 10)
  • Made in Germany
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    Miele Home Care Vacuum Cleaner Kit

    New to the line of Miele vacuum accessories, the Miele HomeCare vacuum cleaner kit provides extra cleaning versatility in one convenient package. As the perfect addition to any Miele vacuum, the Home Care kit bundles 3 additional cleaning attachments as well as an extension hose for added reach (for use with straight suction Miele canister vacuums). Removes pet hair, dander, dirt, pollen and mess throughout the home with ease and confidence. All four included pieces snap into place in a hard plastic case, so you will not get frustrated looking for lost vacuum attachments!  Tools (except Hose Extension) fit all Miele upright, canister, and stick vacuum cleaners.


    • SPD 10 - Extra Wide Upholstery tool is ideal for cleaning your couch, loveseat, chairs and other large pieces of upholstered furniture in your home - even your drapes! Removes pet hair, lint, dirt and dust with ease.

    • SMD 10 - The Mattress Tool features an extra wide, flat nozzle that is perfect for cleaning mattresses and bed frames.  It reaches every nook and cranny where dust and allergens may hide.

    • SUB 20 - Universal Swivel Brush is excellent for all around cleaning, scrubbing, and dusting. Easily configurable, the Swivel Brush loosens soil with stiff nylon bristles.

    • SFS 10 - Suction hose extension provides improved reach (suitable ONLY for straight suction, non-electric Miele canister vacuum cleaners)

    *Note: The hose extension does NOT fit Miele S7 upright vacuums.

    Miele HomeCare Vacuum Cleaner Kit Reviews

    Miele Home Care Accessory Kit

    Each Miele vacuum cleaner comes with three standard mini accessories, a dusting brush, mini crevice tool and upholstery tool. While these three are quite useful in and around the home, the Miele Home Care Kit provides additional tools to clean other areas of your house or apartment. Upon using each, here is what we found.

    What I like about the Miele Home Care Kit

    The most useful tool in the kit is the SUB 20, Universal Swivel Brush. Because of its ability to swivel and arch, it makes and ideal cleaning tool for dusting ceiling fans. This tool was also very useful in dusting other areas where lack of reach often prevents cleaning. For me, this meant dusting the top of the kitchen cupboards as well as two very tall bookcases. Additionally, the soft bristles do not scratch delicate items but give just enough resistance to remove stuck on debris like dirt or cobwebs.

    For me, the next most useful tool was the Wide Upholstery Tool. Though I do not let my dog up on the couch, he does has a love seat this is all his own. Needless to say, the love seat is full of dog hair. This extra wide tool makes vacuuming the love seat a much quicker job. The small felt strips do a fairly good job in dislodging pet hair while the overall width means I clean it in fewer passes. This tool is also great for removing crumbs and other debris that can gather underneath the cushions of your couch, love seat or chair.

    The Mattress Tool is last cleaning tool in the kit. It is larger than the standard mattress nozzle and like the upholstery tool, it features a felt strips across the top edge. I used this one my mattress, but for me, this tool was the least useful. Though not as wide as the upholstery tool, the mattress tool will also work on upholstered furniture and chairs.

    The final piece in this kit is a hose extension. This piece will not work for everyone. Those who own Miele uprights (S7, D1) or Miele vacuums with electric hoses cannot use this extension. With straight suction models like the Olympus, Onyx, Neptune, Pisces, etc., the extension hose adds roughly another four and a half feet of reach. So when you're using the hand tools from this kit, the loss not using the wand is offset by the use of this extension hose.

    What I do not like about the Miele Home Care Kit

    My biggest drawback with this kit, as currently configured, is the hose. While it works wonderfully for certain models, with other Miele vacuum cleaners, it is essentially a useless part. There has been talk of an adapter being created so that it could attach to electric hoses, but currently, this is not possible.

    Of the new Miele accessory kits, the Miele Home Care kit was one of my favorites. I was able to get a good deal of use out of the attachments, and with the Miele I own, the hose was useful. The drawback of the hose is likely one that most people will not worry too much about, and the value of the Swivel Brush, Mattress Tool and Extra Wide Upholstery brush more than offset any potential drawbacks. In all, the HomeCare Kit is durable, useful, and an excellent compliment to nearly all Miele vacuum cleaners.

    Product Questions

    Which of the following accessory sets are compatible with the Miele S7 Upright vacuum cleaners? Home Care Kit, Car Care Kit, Cat/Dog Kit and Micro Care.
    Can you hand wash brush and floor attachments with mild soap and water?
    Does the Miele Mattress Tool clean mattresses better than just using the smaler uphostery tool that comes with the Marin? Or than the Extra Wide Uphholstery Tool? I own a Miele Marin canister vacuum and I am considering purchasing some accessories, but I am unclear on the value of the Extra Wide Upholstery Tool vs. the Mattress Tool. I want to vacuum my couch, car, and matress.