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Miele S7580 Tango Upright Vacuum Cleaner

  • Item #: ML0087
  • $849.00

Miele S7580 Tango Upright Vacuum Cleaner

Free Microset and Flexible Crevice Tool with the Tango!The Miele Tango S7580 Upright Vacuum Cleaner is the flagship of the new series of the Miele S7 upright vacuums. From the beautiful Titian Red Metallic color and the creative swivel-neck design to the automatically adjusting wheel base and full electronic controls, Miele has developed an evolutionary new vacuum. For those Miele fans that love the convenience of their canister vacuums, the Tango retains the flexibility of the Miele canister line with the powerful carpet cleaning capability of an upright. For allergy sufferers, the Miele Tango retains the sealed system and Active HEPA filter that makes their canisters so popular. With the Tango, you also have suction control on the ergonomic handle and a power control switch on the handle. The swivel-neck design combined with 360° turning front wheels create a nimble vacuum that will make you feel like you are dancing.


  • Miele Tango Upright Vacuum Cleaner DetailsA new Swivel-Neck design allows for better turning and cornering around furniture. This feature gives a nimble touch to this upright.
  • The Active HEPA filter captures allergens like dust mite feces and pollen and conforms to the stringent European EN1822 filtration standard, trapping 99.99% of all particles as tiny as 0.3 microns.
  • The Sealed System construction of the canister keeps all the dust inside, providing maximum protection for indoor air quality.
  • The Generally Activated Charcoal Filter traps chemicals and odors.
  • The 12 AMP, 1200 Watt Miele Vortex Motor provides strong suction with optimal usage of power.
  • Miele vacuum cleaners are tested to last an average of 20 years of residential use.*
  • Pre-motor filter protects the motor from debris.
  • Each New Miele S7 Upright comes standard with a Deluxe Handle Assembly. This handle is ergonomic and keeps the strain off your wrist.
  • The ergonomic handle comes equipped with Brush Roll and Suction Control.
  • With Full Electronic Controls the Tango also comes with an Automatic Suction Adjustment setting.
  • The spring-loaded, Automatic Height Adjustment makes moving to different surfaces a breeze.
  • With an Operating Radius of 55 ft. the Tango gives you the ability to clean throughout the house without having to change outlets.
  • The durable ABS plastic body is surrounded by rubber bumper guards to protect furniture, and the rubber wheels won't damage floors.
  • A LED Brush Light for enhanced visibility while cleaning.
  • State-of-the-art textured finish is scratch-resistant with a contemporary appeal.
  • A Six Inch Profile while lying flat allows you to vacuum under some of the tightest spaces.
  • Large AirClean dust bag with a 6.3 quart capacity that allows for longer use.
  • This new bag features 9 Stage Filtration. These layers help prevent sharp objects from puncturing the bag, while the dust bag closes automatically with a spring loaded collar, for dust-free removal and hygienic disposal.
  • Dust bag change indicator light alerts you when it's time to replace the hygienic bag.
  • Filter change indicator light lets you know when it's time to change the HEPA filter.
  • Safety Shut-Off prevents the motor from overheating in the event that a damaging item is sucked up.
  • Silence Insulation makes for extremely quiet operation when compared to traditional uprights.
  • The Hose Lock feature allows you to lock the hose into place helping to stabilize the vacuum while using the wand.
  • The new S7 uprights all come with a Built-In Handle in the back of the unit to allow for easy transportation of the vacuum.
  • Adding versatility, brushes, attachments and tools that will fit the Miele Canisters also readily attach to the Lightweight, Telescopic, 2 ft. Wand of the Tango.
  • Fully integrated, on-board tools include an Extra Long Crevice Tool for tight spaces, a Dust Brush for delicate cleaning, and an Upholstery Tool for furniture and curtains.
  • 7-Year Warranty on the motors and 2-Year Warranty on parts and labor.
* 45 Minutes of Use Once Per Week on the Highest Setting.

Miele S7580 Tango Upright Vacuum Cleaner - A Closer Look

Miele Swivel-Neck Maneuverability Swivel-Neck
To address a traditional drawback to bulky, traditional uprights, the new Miele Tango upright vacuum cleaners come with a new swivel-neck design. The body of the vacuum swivels on the base. This smooth left to right motion aids when turning the vacuum around furniture and tight corners.

Miele Deluxe Ergonomic Handle Deluxe Handle Assembly
The Miele S7 series uses a handle design similar to that found on Miele premium canisters. This reinforced, ergonomic handle assembly makes vacuuming a breeze, keeping the strain off your wrist. The handle also comes equipped with suction and power controls.

Miele Hose Lock Hose and Hose Lock Feature
The hose Miele developed for the uprights is one of the best on the market. Not only is it durable and rigorously tested, but this hose stretches to 14 ft. and is less rigid than those found on traditional uprights. When using the hose, Miele has developed a hose lock features that helps reduce the chance of tipping the vacuum while cleaning.

Miele LED Brush Light LED Brush Light
The Miele Tango features a LED Brush Light that illuminates the area in front of you as you vacuum.

Miele Integrated Accessories Additional Accessories
Each of the new Miele uprights come with three onboard accessories, all useful for cleaning upholstery, shelves, baseboards, and more. Each fits neatly into the body of the upright making for easy access and convenient storage.

  • dusting brush
  • upholstery nozzle
  • extra long crevice tool

Miele AirClean U Dust Bag AirClean Dustbags
The new AirClean bags for the Miele uprights have an extra large, 6.3 quart capacity and now feature a redesigned self-sealing technology. With 9 Stage Filtration, these heavy duty bags now come with a spring loaded sealing feature to ensure dirt and allergens remained trapped inside the bag and work to eliminate the chance of spills while changing.

Miele Tango HEPA Filter Active HEPA Filter
The active HEPA filter not only captures and retains tiny, lung damaging particles (including dust mite feces and pollen), it also uses a charcoal filter to absorb odors.  The filter conforms to stringent European standards, trapping 99.99% of all particles as tiny as 0.3 microns.  Replace after 50 hours of use or approximately 12 months.  There is a convenient spot to write the date on the filter.

Miele Tango Vacuum Cleaner Reviews
Miele Tango S7580 Upright Vacuum Cleaner

When the new S7 Series Uprights arrived from Miele, I was more than eager to take one home and test it. While I admire the cleaning ability of the Miele canister, I have always been partial to upright vacuum cleaners. At home I used the Tango on several different types of flooring: laminate wood flooring on the first floor, high pile carpet in the bedrooms and on the steps, tile in the landing, linoleum in the bathroom, and low pile carpet in the game room. While I have long been impressed by Miele canister vacuum cleaners, I was initially unsure if the Tango would live up to the hype. This is one instance where my skepticism was completely unfounded.

What I like about the Miele Tango Vacuum

The best and most important feature is the Tango's cleaning ability. On the high traffic carpet on the steps, the Tango not only removed pet hair but also pulled up the matted down high pile carpet. The Tango was also superb on low pile carpet, but what truly impressed me was its ability to clean smooth flooring. On the tile, laminate and linoleum, I turned the brush roll motor off and used the straight suction of the Vortex motor only. Even in corners the suction was so great that it pulled in dirt and hair from immediately around it. Most uprights are woefully inadequate to handle smooth flooring, but with the carpet/floor switch for the brush roll, I was able to clean each of the smooth surfaces without the brush roll throwing dirt and debris around the room. On the carpets the automatic suction control setting worked admirably, but the manual control was useful on the two small throw rugs I cleaned. Regardless of the surface, the Tango's two powerful motors worked together to clean anything I laid before it.

The Tango was a marked departure from the two upright models I currently own. The Swivel-Neck design left me feeling as if I were using a much smaller and more nimble vacuum than most uprights I have tested. The Swivel-Neck combined with the 360°-turning front wheels gives the Tango a much more fluid sense of movement, and with the brush roll turned on, this vacuum truly does seem as if it self-propelled. The low profile was also a welcome change. I was able to clean under my air hockey table without moving it.

The hose and wand that Miele developed for these S7 uprights is by far better than other uprights. The extra reach gave me the ability to clean the cobwebs in upper corners of rooms as well as dirt and debris from the top of the window and door frames without tipping the vacuum. The material used for the hose is durable, flexible and retracts to fit neatly back in place. The hose-lock feature helped to stabilize the Tango even when I had the hose stretched to its full length.

As a few final positives about this vacuum, the cord length was truly handy. I was able to clean on both floors of my home, all rooms, from only two outlets. The LED light may not seem to be of particular note, but once you vacuum with it you will notice the difference. The LED is bright enough that even with the lights on it still manages to further enhance your visibility. The reinforced handle in the back of the unit was extremely useful when transporting the Tango from the office to my home. The Tango also features Miele's sealed system and active HEPA filtration which is ideal for allergy and asthma sufferers. Lastly, the look of this upright is terrific. It has a very sleek design with a beautiful finish. The Tango is certainly one vacuum I would not want to be stuffed away in my closet.

What I do not like about Miele Tango Vacuum

Quite honestly, there were only three drawbacks I could find with the Tango. First, the Tango, like many uprights that lack a special edging feature, did not handle edging on carpet as well as some uprights. On hard flooring the suction was so powerful that this was not an issue, and overall, this is about as minor as a drawback can be. Like many uprights, the Tango is a little heavier than its canister counterpart, but the built-in handle made moving it easier. And though it is slightly heavier, it is more stable than comparable uprights and moves much more freely. My only significant drawback to this model is the price. It may be more than some are willing to pay for an upright vacuum cleaner. As with all Miele vacuum cleaners, it is best to think of the Tango as an investment. It will last you ten times longer than comparable vacuums and save you money over the long term.

From cleaning ability to appearance, I was thoroughly impressed by every aspect of the Tango. Overall, the features and innovations that Miele has included in the Tango are all practical and decided improvements upon traditional uprights. I was left with one overall thought. You don't know what you are missing until you actually try one.

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Miele S7580 Tango Upright Vacuum Cleaner Specifications

Best for: All types of carpet
Vacuum type: Upright
Color: Titian Red Metallic
Construction : Durable ABS plastic
Motor: 12 AMP, 1200 Watt Miele Vortex Motor
Brush Roll Motor: 4800 RPM
Airflow: 141 CFM
Operating Radius: 55 ft.
Suction Control: Electronic Controls on Body / Suction & Power switches on Handle
Handle: Ergonomic Deluxe Handle assembly plus full fingertip controls
Wand: Fully Adjustable 2 ft.
Hose: Retractable with Hose Lock, 14 ft.
Bag capacity: 6.3 quart AirClean dust bags
HEPA Filter: Yes, Active HEPA Filter plus Generally Activated Charcoal Filter
Bag type: U
Extra Long Crevice Tool: Yes
Dusting Brush: Yes
Upholstery Tool: Yes
Dust Bag Change Indicator Light:     
Filter Change Indicator Light: Yes
Safety Shut-off: Yes
Silence Insulation : Yes
Dimensions: 46.5"H x 13.5"W x 14.5" D
Weight: 21.75 Lbs.
Warranty: 7 years on the motors - 2 years on parts and labor