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Natural Magic Odor Magnet

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Natural Magic Odor Magnet

Natural Magic Odor Air Magnet is ideal for use in you home, car, or workplace. Though small in size, it's large on fighting those tough odors that can contaminate enclosed environments like a bathroom or kitchen. Absorbs odors from pets, smoke, paint, solvents, cooking, mildew, and more. This product contains OXI Beads which strengthen the patented odor absorber gel's ability to absorb and eliminate odors. Each mini tub provides odor absorbing relief for approximately 8-10 weeks. This product is not fragrance free.

How to Use: Remove the lid from the 8 oz. container, take off the freshness seal, replace the lid, and place the container near the odor source. For maximum effectiveness, increase the air-flow around the Natural Magic Odor Air-Magnet. Place near or in air handling system ducts. For large areas, use several containers of odor absorber gel in different areas. Store in a cool place, keep out of direct sunlight, and keep away from open flames. Active ingredients: resinated sodium stearate and less than 5% propylene glycol and ethanol.

Product Questions

Does natural magic order absorbing gel contain MCI/ MI as a preservative??
Do these things really work? Might want to try one in my bathroom.