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PARI Vortex Holding Chamber

  • Item #: PR0012
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  • Latex Free
  • For adults and kids!
  • First non-electrostatic valved holding chamber available in the USA
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    PARI Vortex Holding Chamber

    The PARI Vortex (Part #051F5000, NDC #83490-0510-01) is a non-electrostatic valved holding chamber, ideal for the delivery of inhaled and aerosol asthma treatments. This holding chamber is not just for kids! Everyone who uses an asthma inhaler should invest in a PARI Vortex holding chamber. Why? Because the non-electrostatic Vortex helps you get more of your medicine, and decreases side effects from corticosteroid residue in your mouth.


    • It's the first non-electrostatic valved holding chamber available in North America. The anodized aluminum holding chamber has no electric charge which means that you inhale more of your medication. Conventional plastic holding chambers have electrostatic charges that attract aerosol particles to the wall of the chamber limiting delivery of the medication.

    • The Vortex works better with new HFA inhalers which have a higher static charge than CFC inhalers.

    • The PARI Vortex spacer provides a more consistent medication dose, day after day.

    • Its cyclonic flow pattern enhances aerosol delivery.

    • The PARI Vortex decreases side effects from corticosteroid residue in the mouth and helps you avoid throat irritation and oral thrush.

    • The Vortex is user friendly and gives patients more time to inhale their medication.

    • It's also dishwasher safe, latex free, compact and portable.

    • Optional masks are available for children and toddlers.

    Customer Reviews

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    Pari Vortex Spacer is Great
    I was having a horrible time using my inhaler because it no longer fit into my old spacer. I was so gald that Achoo Allergy came up with a Spacer that will accomodate the new inhaler canisters. It works really great with the new canisters and I feel that the medication gets where it needs to be in your lungs verses in your mouth. Thank you Achoo Allergy for making such a Great Spacer for the new canisters.
    Review by Milly a COPD sufferer / (Posted on 5/8/2015)
    This is not a spacer, but a holding chamber, which is great for kids...PARI continues to develop great asthma products!
    Review by / (Posted on 5/8/2015)
    What a piece of junk!
    Where do I start ... the mouthpiece broke off and the valve got damaged. Also, my medicine tasted like "metal" when I inhaled.
    Review by Asthma Sufferer / (Posted on 5/8/2015)
    Tin Can
    I prefer the AeroChamber over this tin can as the new inhalers fit the AeroChamber more easily. I found that my new puffer kept falling out of the back and I agree with the other reviewer that it made my medicine taste like metal - which can't be good for you
    Review by Jason / (Posted on 5/8/2015)

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