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SEBO Duo-P Carpet Powder

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SEBO Duo-P Carpet Powder

Hot water extractors and traditional "carpet cleaners" are fraught with problems. They can be costly, very messy and more often than not, they leave your carpets and floors wet. This can turn dirty carpet into unhealthy carpet very quickly. Now, with Duo-P carpet cleaning powder, you can deep clean your carpet, removing allergens and soil, all without the use of water. The SEBO Duo Brush Machine and Duo-P Cleaning Powder easily lift soil and stains, leaving your carpet clean, revived, soft, and dry.

SEBO Duo-P Cleaning Powder consists of tiny granules moistened with detergent that lifts soil and stains out of the carpet without getting the carpet wet. The GAF allergy research center in Germany found in a long term test that 6 months after a single cleaning with SEBO Duo-P, 7 out of 10 carpets remained free of dust mite allergens. And Duo-P powder isn't just for carpets. It works well on any upholstered furniture in the home.

The SEBO Duo-P Clean Box comes with a 500 gram pack of the Duo-P Cleaning Powder and a built-in brush for spot cleaning. The Clean Box is an environmentally friendly refill container. When you use all the cleaning powder, simply replace the inner bag with a refill pack of powder.

The SEBO Duo-P Refill Kit is a 2.5 kg box of refill powder in separate plastic bags. There is no brush or box with the refill kit.

Directions for use: Lightly spread the Duo-P powder, brush in with the lid brush, for large areas and carpets brush in with the SEBO Duo Brushing Machine, allow to dry completely and vacuum away to leave carpets clean and fresh.


SEBO DUO-P Cleaning PowderThere are a couple problems with traditional carpet cleaning and hot water extractors. First, they being by flooding your flooring with water and soap. Now to clean most things, water and soap are necessary, but the problem is not with what is there. It is with what get's left behind. And in the case of traditional carpet cleaners, as much as 50% of the water originally used can remain in your carpet and padding once it's been cleaned. This can take hours or days to dry. All the while, mold can be silently growing, flourishing in the damp, warm environment that is your carpet. Mold growth is a health concern for everyone, not just allergy sufferers.

In addition to this, damp carpet gets dirty much quicker than dry carpet. So the time and money spent can something not only be a waste but can also lead to unhealthy conditions in your home. However, there is a better way.

Dry cleaning with SEBO's Duo P dry carpet cleaning powder is an effective and safer alternative for nearly all types of carpet - it will not shrink the carpet or cause water staining. SEBO duo-P Cleaning Powder leaves no sticky detergent residue, which causes fast re-soiling of carpets. And the carpet is left soft and dry, ready to be used immediately after vacuuming.

You can extend the life of your carpets by cleaning them regularly, in addition to frequent vacuuming. Investing in your own deep cleaning system is convenient and cost effective, making it easy for you to clean your carpets whenever you choose.

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