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Snoozer Junior Body Pillow

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Snoozer Junior Body Pillow

The Snoozer Junior Body Pillow for kids is perfectly designed to fit the smaller bodies of children ages 3 - 12. This pillow "snuggles like a teddy bear", but also provides great health benefits. Just like the adult version of Snoozer pillows, the contoured design of this pillow helps to promote proper spinal alignment and improve muscular relaxation. You get the satisfaction and confidence of knowing your child is getting the restful sleep they need; while your child gets an added sense of protection and security. Plus, the Snoozer pillow is great for kids because it is 100% hypoallergenic.


  • Filled with premium hypoallergenic synthetic down
  • Includes removable, sateen style, 200 TC, full body pillow case made from soft 100% cotton
  • Measures 36" x 10" inches
  • Provides the support of 3 pillows in 1 with a patented ergonomic design

Snoozer Junior Body Pillow - A Closer Look

A Snoozer Junior Body Pillow is ideal for you if...
  • You want a pillow perfectly designed to cradle a little body evenly in 4 basic sleep positions.
  • You would like to improve your child's sleep quality by promoting proper spinal alignment, healthier circulation, muscular relaxation, and reducing neck and back strain.
  • You want a child's body pillow that also comes with it's own custom fit, washable pillowcase.
  • You want an additional maternity pillow but don't want the expensive of a full size Snoozer pillow.

Customer Reviews

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Perfect Fit
My 4 yr. old daughter has always been a fan of my Snoozer pillow (which I purchased when I was pregnant with her). How happy we both were to find one just her size! Now, she sleeps comfortably all night long. The Snoozer Jr. has quickly become her "special pillow." Plus, the pillow and pillowcase are simple to wash--a must in our fight against dust mites. Great product!
Review by D. Ezer / (Posted on 4/7/2015)

Snoozer Junior Body Pillow Reviews

Snoozer Junior Body Pillow

After using the Snoozer Full Body and Upper body pillows, I had to get a Snoozer Junior pillow for my 4 year-old niece. During visits to my house, she has a tendency to get a little homesick. When I gave her the Snoozer Junior body pillow to try, she initially used it as a toy, playing with it like a stuffed animal and lounged with it while watching a movie. Later, at bedtime, she cuddled it like a big teddy bear. It seemed to make her feel secure; there were no more cries for home. My brother was relieved that he has something to fall back on when he takes my niece on out-of-town trips.

What I like about the Snoozer Junior Body Pillow

  • Kids love it; they play with it like a toy and use it for a more comfortable sleep.
  • The Snoozer has a synthetic down fill that provides the feel of down without the allergens.
  • Provides comfort away from home.
  • Sized right for kids, PLUS a custom fit sateen pillowcase comes included.

What I do not like about the Snoozer Junior Body Pillow

  • The pillow is for children ages 3 - 12. The Junior size seems a bit small for older kids, especially if they are tall. I'd give a child over 4.5 feet a Snoozer Upper Body Pillow.

Like other Snoozer pillows, the Snoozer Junior Body Pillow is a great purchase for children. We've also found that some women like to use it as a less expensive alternative to the full size Snoozer maternity pillow. It not only provides support for growing bodies but can also be comforting without causing the allergic reactions you see with down pillows.

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