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Soniclean Galaxy Upright HEPA Vacuum Cleaner

  • Item #: SC0002
  • $399.99


Soniclean Galaxy Upright HEPA Vacuum Cleaner

The Soniclean Galaxy is an ultra lightweight upright that uses the patented Soniclean bar to loosen dirt and allergens from carpet fibers, allowing its powerful suction to clean even ground-in and stuck-on grime. With two settings on the fingertips controls you can turn the Sonic bar off to give you some smooth floor cleaning ability. On carpet is where the Galaxy really shines. The motor creates powerful suction that literally pulls dirt in.

The filterbags are HEPA quality bags that filter most common particle allergens, and unlike traditional uprights, the Soniclean Galaxy bag locks into place.

Economical and easy to use, this Soniclean upright makes cleaning up after even the messiest of houseguests, easy and convenient. For nearly all types of carpet, the Galaxy is an effective way to keep you house looking cleaner, longer.


  • Patented sonic cleaning technology - 180 vibrations per second - Use on carpet only
  • Ultra lightweight design - 10.5 pounds
  • Constructed with engineered plastics for added durability
  • Low profile, just over 7", lay flat dual position design
  • Ergonomic frame and handle - back saver design
  • Ametek 5.2 amp paramagnetic, direct-air motor
  • Ametek 3.23" impeller and impeller housing constructed with Lexin resin
  • Lifetime belt with brush roll jam indicator and auto shut-off
  • Static pressure sensor bag fill indicator
  • Patented HEPA sealed filter bag system with bag lock
  • Patent pending fragrance dispensing system
  • 35 foot ribbed power cord
  • Pulsating neon blue LED sonic indicator lights
  • 5 year warranty on motor & 3 year limited warranty (parts)

  • SoniClean Galaxy Upright Vacuum Reviews

    Soniclean Galaxy Vacuum Cleaner

    We are always on the lookout for new products that might fit the needs of our customers, and with the Soniclean line of vacuums, we think we have found a relatively inexpensive way to clean carpet in almost any home. The Soniclean Galaxy is a lightweight upright that uses a patented Sonic Bar to vibrate dirt and soil loose from your carpet. More effective than a traditional brushroll alone, the Sonic bar adds the extra strength you need to remove caked on dirt and tightly lodged debris from the carpet in your home. With the Galaxy in hand, I put it through its paces on a variety of surfaces, and here is what I found.

    What I like about the Soniclean Galaxy

    Of all the testing I did, two features really stuck out to me: the suction and the weight. The suction is amazing. We tested it side by side with a Dyson, and in this regard, the infomercial is was spot on. The suction is probably on par with the Miele uprights - strong enough to pull in dirt, even on carpet, without actually having to run the vacuum over top of it. Also similar to Miele, but to a lesser extent, the Soniclean Galaxy will almost pull itself along. So it's almost as if you're being assisted while you clean.

    In terms of the weight, I have to admit, I'm used to a Dyson or Miele upright. The Galaxy is almost half the weight of the Dyson and IS less than half the weight of the S7's. It is easily light enough to carry up and down stairs with ease. Piggybacking off of the lightweight style of this upright is maneuverability. Though it lacks a swivel-neck or Ball design, this upright is light enough that maneuvering it around requires almost no effort, regardless of what type of flooring you are on.

    With only a filterbag, you do not have the expense of a separate filter. Often filters and replacement parts will add up very quickly, but with only a HEPA type filterbag to replace, your cost to use and maintain the Galaxy is low. Though it does use a belt, the belt is backed by a lifetime warranty.

    Lastly, cost. The Soniclean vacuum cleaner is less expensive than many comparable models. For people concerned with cost, this model fits most budgets and maintenance costs are low.

    What I do not like about the Soniclean Galaxy

    The Soniclean lacks any above-the-floor cleaning ability. There is no hose or accessory brushes. There is an optional handheld vac made by Soniclean but that costs extra.

    On smooth flooring, not so good. Though advertised as a solution for all types of flooring, remember it was designed mainly for carpet. With that being said, I did find it somewhat lacking across smooth floors. Yes, it will work just fine if you are vacuuming your living room and don't want to pull out the broom and dustpan to clean the small area of hard flooring right in front of the door, but large areas of smooth flooring, it comes up a bit short. Perhaps it would work a bit better if the head assembly had some sort of manual or automatic heigh adjustment, but it does not. I will say though, even though the brushroll is always engaged, it doesn't throw dirt and debris around like many other uprights do.

    Finally, it is louder than a Miele. I know, I probably shouldn't compare it to models that typically cost a good deal more, but in terms of noise level, it is more like a traditional vacuum cleaner and less like a Miele. If you have a Hoover, Eureka, or other common brand, chances are you won't even notice the noise.

    As with many vacuums cleaners, the Soniclean Galaxy upright is best when paired with specific needs. If you have a lot of carpet, are on something of a budget, but want an effective upright with powerful suction, then the Soniclean Galaxy will be a good fit for you. While it lacks certain qualities that you find with some of the premium vacuum brands, it also lacks the hefty price tag that often accompanies those brands. The very lightweight and suction are key features that make this model an attractive home cleaning option.

    Product Questions

    Other than the color, what is the difference between the Soniclean Galaxy and the VT200?
    What is the model number of the soniclean galaxy upright HEPA vacuum cleaner?

    Soniclean Galaxy Upright HEPA Vacuum Cleaner Specifications

    Best for: Medium to high pile carpet, some smooth flooring
    Vacuum type: Upright
    Color: Black
    Motor: Ametek 5.2 amp motor
    Operating Radius: 37 total ft.
    Handle: Ergonomic Handle Assembly
    Bag type: Patented H13 HEPA
    Bag capacity: 4.4 Q.
    HEPA Filter: No
    Included Floor Tools: None
    Dust Bag Change Indicator:       Yes
    Auto Cord Rewind: No
    Safety Shut-off: Yes
    Dimensions: 13" D x 14" W x 44" H
    Weight: 10.5 lbs.
    Warranty: 5 Year Motor & 3 Year Part Limited Warranty