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Stadler Form Anton Humidifiers

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Stadler Form Anton Humidifiers

Anton Humidifiers were a Housewares Design Award FinalistThe Anton humidifier by Stadler Form proves that these home appliances don't have to be overly complex to get the job done and bring cool mist relief to any room in your home. Lightweight, compact and easy to use, the Anton offers the basics needed for relieving the sore throat, dry sinus passages, chapped lips, and dry skin that can come along with winter. In addition to the simplistic design and straightforward performance, a wide array of color choices make the Anton an ideal fit for most kids or young adults. The ultrasonic technology not only makes the Anton extremely quiet but one of the safest humidifier types to operate.

Stadler Form Anton Humidifier Color Options


  • Available in 8 colors
  • Empty Indicator (LED Indicator Changes Color)
  • Water Level Window
  • Ionic Silver Cube
  • Indefinite Variable Level Output (sliding adjustment)
  • Automatic Shutoff
  • Night/Sleep Mode
  • Ultra Quiet
  • RoHS Compliant
  • Very Energy Efficient

Anton Cool Mist Humidifier Specification

  • Main Voltage: 120 V / 60 Hz
  • Power Consumption: 18 W
  • 28.5-30 dB(a)
  • Weight: 4 lbs (empty)
  • Size Dimensions: 5.7" x 11.2" x 7.2"
  • Humidity Output: up to 1 gallons a day
  • Tank Capacity: 0.8 Gal. (3.8 L)
  • Area Coverage: suitable for rooms up to 250 square feet
  • Accessories: Demineralization Cartridge and Silver Ion Cube
  • Two Year Warranty

Stadler Form ANTON Humidifier Reviews
Stadler Form Anton Humidifiers

As one of the smaller humidifiers in the Stadler Form line, Anton is a compact, lightweight solution to relieving the symptoms of dry indoor air. The simple controls, ease-of-use, and color options all make it an excellent option for kids and teens. So with our sample model, I spent a week testing Anton, then lent this humidifier to my nephews for a weekend, and this is what I found.

What I like about the Stadler Form Anton Humidifier

Ease of Use - Anton is one of the easiest humidifiers to use, which is one reason why it's a great fit for kids and teens. Once you fill the tank, you simply press one button and use a sliding button to set your humidity output. Depending on the type of water you use, you will need to replace the demineralization cartridge about once every 4-6 weeks and periodically clean the nebulizer compartment with a mix of vinegar and water. And that is it! Anton is pretty low maintenance and doesn't have a lot of extra features.

Simplicity - This ties in with the first one, but there aren't many bells and whistles with the Anton. There is one power button, the moisture output slide, and a dimmer feature for night time use. While some people might miss a timer or hygrostat, for kids or young adults, these features largely go unused much of the time.

Choices of Colors - Most humidifiers give you exactly zero choices when it comes to colors. Not Anton. From your standard white, black and grey (metal) to azurro (blue), berry (magenta), bronze, lime, and honeycomb (yellow), Anton a newly expanded eight color choices. So no matter what the decor in your room looks like, there's a color to fit! For kids who have outgrown the animal themes of some humidifiers, the Anton color selection is a perfect choice.

Size - Anton is very compact and lightweight. It is literally small enough that I can sit it in the palm of my hand. With a small footprint, the Stadler Form Anton humidifier fits neatly into even the most cramped spaces, like college dorm rooms. Despite the size, you can still put about a gallon of water per day back into your indoor air, which makes it great for smaller spaces, children's bedrooms or nurseries.

What I do not like about the Stadler Form Anton Humidifier

Despite the simplicity, I still miss an internal hygrostat. For some, it may not be as important. The daily output of Anton is less than many of the larger models, so in general, there is less chance of you putting too much moisture back into the air, particularly during the drier winter months.

The run time is about a day or so. For most people this will be enough (depending on the space), but others may want a larger model for the increased output and higher capacity.

As with many home appliances, I think if you pair the right space with this humidifier, you will be pleased with the results. It's small, light, safe, and almost silent. Though the output and coverage area is less than other models, it's mainly designed for smaller bedrooms. The color selection and simplistic controls make it a great model for kids. Overall, the Anton ultrasonic humidifier will be a great way to relieve asthma and eczema symptoms during the dry fall and winter months.

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