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Reliable Brio 500CC Steam Cleaner

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  • Sanitizes & Deep Cleans
  • Dual Tank, Continuous Steam
  • Versatile, Wide Array of Accessories
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    Reliable Brio 500CC Steam Cleaner

    The Reliable Brio 500CC Steam Cleaner Has a Lifetime Boiler WarrantyAs the newest model in the Reliable steam cleaner line, the Reliable Brio 500CC steam cleaner is a highly versatile, safer way to clean throughout your home. Using only the power of heat and tap water, the Brio 500 deep cleans using 245° steam to dislodge grime and unlock odors in nearly all types of sealed, smooth flooring. The powerful mix of heat and high pressure steam kills bacteria, viruses, mold, and dust mites on contact, not only making your home look cleaner but giving it a healthier kind of clean that goes beyond appearances.

    With the Reliable CSS continuous steam system, the Brio employs two internal tanks to ensure that you can refill as you clean but never have to wait to reheat the water or build pressure. With a very wide variety of accessories, the Brio 500CC comes equipped with all the tools you need to deep clean your kitchen, bathroom, and floors while allowing you to refresh cloth car interiors, you mattress, your stove, grille, and more. If you're looking to dump the chemical cleaners and clean the more effective, greener way, the Reliable Brio 500CC is perfect tool for the job.


    • Deep cleans and sanitizes without the harsh chemicals
    • CSS Continuous steam technology means you never lose steam and can refill on the fly
    • Five bar pressure
    • Digital control display with pressure gauge and indicator lights
    • EMC2 prevents the buildup on mineral scale
    • Fast, 4 minute heat up time
    • 25 Piece, commercial grade, accessory kit
    • Highly versatile for use across nearly any surface in your home
    • Compact w/ Tote for accessories
    • 1 Year Warranty, Lifetime Warranty on tank

    Reliable Brio 500 Accessories

    • Reliable Brio 500 Steam Cleaner - The Most Included AccessoriesExtensions tubes (2)
    • Floor brush
    • Triangular brush
    • Window squeegee
    • Window squeegee blade (small)
    • Window squeegee blade (large)
    • Nozzle with copper tip
    • Nylon brush – 30mm (3)
    • Nylon brush – 30mm white
    • Nylon brush – 60mm
    • Brass brush
    • Stainless steel brush
    • Scraper
    • Drain cleaner
    • Brio 500CC - Versatile Steam CleaningBamboo towel
    • Floor brush cushion pad
    • Triangle brush cushion pad
    • Accessory tote
    • Aluminum nozzle
    • Descaling powder (2 packs)
    • Funnel
    • Drain plug removal tool
    • Set of O-Rings

    Reliable Brio 500CC Steam Cleaner Reviews

    Reliable Brio 500CC Steam Cleaner

    As the final piece of the Reliable's overhaul of their entire line of steam cleaners, the Reliable Brio 500CC steam cleaner is the new top-end model of the steam cleaner offering. As they phase out their legacy models, Reliable has been keen on retaining the features that have set them apart and integrating them into the new Brio 500CC. Continuous steam, an easy-to-read, eye-catching control display, their patented EMC2 system, and wide range of included accessories are just a few of these. After more than week of using our demo model throughout my home, here is how this model fares.

    What I like about the Reliable Brio 500CC

    What matters most with any steam cleaner are the results, and the Reliable Brio delivered just that. I recently moved into the house I'm at, and let's just say, the previous tenants weren't on the same level when it comes to "clean." I cleaned that house from top to bottom, though I wish I had this Brio sample model sooner. With that said, the kitchen floor seemed clean to me... until I started cleaning the grout lines. As you can see, they were filthy, but honestly, it's one of those things that you rarely give thought to until you see it cleaned. The Brio, with the brass brush, blasted away the filth and grime, and left me thinking that I should get some money knocked off my rent this month! You can see a stark difference from the photo of my floor of what has been cleaned and what hasn't. The rectangular steam cleaner head brought up gunk, stains, and caked on filth that had withstood traditional mopping. I spot scrubbed a few places with just the cleaning head then once finished, used the spacer and cloth to steam the entire area. Overall, I was left very pleased with the cleaning performance.

    Throughout my cleaning, the pressure of the Reliable was remarkably consistent. Once it got up to pressure, it stayed up, even when I was holding down the steam trigger for longer periods. This is, in part, due to the Continuous Steam System (CSS) that the Brio 500CC employs. What it basically means is there is a boiler component and a separate water holding tank, so not only does it maintain good steam pressure, but it also means you can refill the tank as you clean with NO time wasting while you wait for the boiler to reheat the fresh water. The other part of this equation is the larger steam tank and a 1750W heating element. These two components work to create a greater volume of steam, faster, and effectively provide more consistent pressure and steam than even more expensive models.

    I really liked the control panel of this unit. Like a lot of people, I'm a sucker for a nice display, and the Brio has just that. The display is well lit and has a power button that you can literally turn off/on with your toe (I know because I did it). There is also a low water indicator light as well as a pressure gauge. When you first turn it on, the gauge starts with one yellow light, and over the course of 4-5 minutes will go from that to four green lights. At this point, you're ready to clean!

    A robust assortment of attachments and accessories means the Brio is easily the most versatile steam cleaner in the revamped Reliable line. You get the standard rectangular and triangular cleaning heads, great for floors and countertops/bathrooms, respectively. Also included is a wide variety of nozzles and brushes. I found the brass is best for grout with the nylon brushes ideal for other tight spaces. For corners, where crud can build up but is not easily removed, the jet nozzle attachment blasts it right out.

    The steam output of the Reliable Brio 500 is solid. While steam cleaning floors, I noticed the floors would dry after only a few minutes. When using the attachments (since there is no towel to absorb the moisture or loosened soi), the moisture left behind is more substantial. For this, I just used a terry cloth to wipe up any excess and pick up the grime and gunk the steam removed. As a low moisture steam cleaner, most surfaces dry faster than if you had wiped them with a damp cloth or mopped.

    With the Brio 500CC steam cleaner you won't have to worry about not having enough reach. I was able to plug it into an outlet in my kitchen, steam clean it, in it's entirety, then clean the tile portion on the other side of the adjoining living room as well as the hallway bathroom all without having to change outlets. The cord is longer than any other canister steam cleaner I've used, and when you combine it with the steam hose and attachment, you end up with a total cleaning reach of nearly 30 feet. In a ranch style house, this likely means you could steam clean throughout the entire home and only change outlets one time.

    Last thing, and this is really minor, but I really like the included clothes. They're a bamboo fiber cloth that have the softness of microfiber but the absorbency of a terry cloth towel. This is only the second time I've used bamboo fiber fabrics, and quite frankly, I'm sold.

    What I do not like about the Reliable Brio 500CC

    If you're looking for a steam output setting, you won't find one. For some, this might be something you miss. For me, I equate it to the suction setting on a vacuum. It's nice to have the flexibility of different settings, but in reality, I set it to the highest, and there it shall stay until the end of its days.

    The vibration and noise when you first start the unit may be off putting for some. It's normal. The solenoid inside the unit (component of the boiler system) is engaging. This causes some vibration in the unit, mainly when you first turn it on. Once it heats up, it only intermittently engages as you steam, and at that point, you don't notice it.

    I miss a caddy. The Vapamore and one of the Ladybug canister style steam cleaners have this, and I will always prefer it over a tote bag, which is what you get with the Brio.

    Overall, I was very impressed with the Reliable Brio 500CC steam cleaner. From the cleaning performance and reach, to the fast heat up time and useful accessories, this is likely one of the best machines they've offered. It's priced better than the older Reliable VIVA or GO models, but has features like the EMC2 (hard water, mineral removal system), CSS, and wide variety of accessories that you would only find with these and even more expensive Reliable legacy steam cleaners. The Brio 500CC has a clean, sharp look with an attractive interface. It doesn't roll as well as a model with casters and it lacks steam volume control, but these are small sacrifices considering the value at this price point. It's definitely a step above the standard Brio, but not quite as large or feature filled as a Ladybug. In all, the Brio 500CC steam cleaner represents most of the quality features and performance you'll find in more expensive models at less than half the cost.

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    Reliable Brio 500CC Steam Cleaner Specifications

    Model: 500CC
    Electrical: 110V/120V
    Steam Temperature (tip): 245°
    Water Capacity: 2.6 L (2.75 Qts.)
    Operating Pressure: 5 Bars
    Wattage: 1750W
    Steam Ready Time: 4 Minutes
    Continuous Steam:
    Yes, Dual Tank
    Power Consumption: 14.5 Amps
    Electrical Approval: cETLus
    Weight: 18 lbs.
    Shipping Dimensions:       
    20" x 12.6" x 13.5"
    Shipping Weight: 21 lbs.
    Warranty: 1 Year, Lifetime Tank