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Ladybug 2150 Vapor Steam Cleaner

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    Ladybug 2150 Vapor Steam Cleaner

    The Ladybug 2150 vapor steam cleaner is a compact residential steam cleaning system, ideal for customers who want the best but do not need some of the features of more expensive Ladybug steam vapor machines. Most effective for homes 1200 sq. ft. or less, the Ladybug 2150 has all of the standard features and performance that have made Ladybug synonymous with steam cleaning. Its eco-friendly, cleaning and sanitizing potential goes way beyond carpets and rugs to every area of your home.  The Ladybug provides a different kind of clean, a healthy clean.

    With this continuous fill unit, you have amazing cleaning versatility in one steam vapor machine. Water is added to a non-heated reservoir instead of the boiler. So unlike other systems, you can safely add water at any time without shutting the machine off. Plus, with Ladybug's efficient water refill feature, you don't have to wait for the boiler to reheat after it runs out of water. Even when the reservoir is empty, the boiler retains steam and power, so it is ready to use as soon as you add water.

    Because this steam cleaning system produces high temperature dry steam vapor that carries only about 6% water, very little water residue is left behind. Surfaces are cool to the touch almost immediately and dry within minutes, within seconds on some surfaces. The Ladybug system is engineered for sustainable temperature and pressure, trapping the hot steam at the surface to remove the dirt. Relying on heat instead of high pressure means a more thorough clean with less mess.


    • Ladybug steam vapor machines provide a healthier way to clean
    • Continuous fill, non-pressurized water reservoir
    • Functional operating pressure, 58 PSI
    • 1500 Watts
    • Stainless Steel Boiler
    • Steam hose length is almost 7 feet
    • Compact with Swivel Wheels
    • Self-monitoring "dry" steam generator
    • Fingertip controls
    • Flexible hose with volume control
    • 13 standard accessories included
    • Low water light plus audible signal
    • Splash-proof design
    • 3 year boiler warranty

    Ladybug 2150 Vapor Steam Cleaner - A Closer Look

    Standard Attachments
    All Ladybug steam cleaners come with an array of attachments, but if you are new to steam cleaning, selecting the right attachment for your specific cleaning task can be confusing. To help, you can always download or refer back to our quick and easy Ladybug steam cleaner attachment guide.

    • Curved Steam Nozzle
    • Flexible Hose
    • Window Cleaning Tool
    • Large Triangle Brush
    • Large Rectangular Brush
    • 2 Extension Wands
    • Small and Medium Nylon Brushes for tile and grout
    • Boiler Drainage Tool
    • Crevice Scraper/Wallpaper Scraper Tool
    • 1 Large Terry Cloth
    • Funnel
    • Instructional DVD

    Ladybug 2150 Steam Cleaner Reviews
    Ladybug 2150 Steam Cleaners

    As the introductory model of steam cleaner, the Ladybug 2150 is a compact residential steam cleaning system with amazing versatility and durable construction. Ladybug has been at the front of steam cleaning technology, and the 2150 steam cleaner displays the core features that have made this brand synonymous with effective, long lasting steam cleaners. We tested this starter steam cleaner and were quite pleased with the results.

    What I like about the Ladybug 2150 Steam Cleaner

    I really like that these machines do not use any chemicals to clean. For most of us, this is going to be the biggest benefit of using steam vapor to clean and sanitize. The use of chemical cleaners is so commonplace that none of us really stop to think about the stuff we are spreading on our floors or countertops. As things like allergies, asthma and multiple chemical sensitivity increase among the population, we are just now starting to take note of the toxic chemicals we are using to pollute our homes with, all in the name of "clean." Traces of ammonia, chloride, oils and other chemicals are simply not healthy for anyone, yet every day millions of people use these chemicals to clean and deodorize their homes. With steam cleaning you kill germs, viruses, mold, mildew and bacteria while loosening up dirt, grease and grime with simple tap water and heat. There is no harmful residue or chemicals to off-gas and pollute your indoor air.

    Like all Ladybug steam cleaners, the 2150 is great for dust mite allergy sufferers. The 220 F steam instantly kills dustmites whether in your pillows, mattress or furniture. Aside from bedding encasings to keep dust mites outs, steam cleaning is one of the safest and most effective ways to kill dust mites.

    With nearly all of the included attachments, I was able to find an effective use for them. This is important since many steam cleaners have a lot of attachments, but most don't work as well as advertised or are simply useless for most of us. With few exceptions, I was able to and can easily see myself in the future using the included attachments and accessories provided with this Ladybug.

    Steam cleaning is also great for household furniture and appliances that have odors that are hard to get rid of by conventional means. During my testing, I was able to deodorize an older sofa at home with the Ladybug 2150 well enough that I had no hesitation in giving it away to my friend. It also helped pull up a few stains that had been there for quite some time, and all without the use of chemical cleaners or deodorizers that simply mask odors.

    One of my favorite features of the Ladybug system is the continuous fill ability. You can fire up the machine and you do not have to repeatedly stop and wait to finish your cleaning jobs. The continuous feed system also eliminates the need to flush recondensed steam from the lines after each fill. This is a problem with many less expensive models. You'll clean, run out of water, so you have to stop the machine and refill it. After it heats back up, often the first thing to come out is liquid water that has recondensed. The Ladybug steam cleaners virtually eliminate this with their system that keeps steam available at your fingertips when when the water tank runs dry. Just note, that when you FIRST start the unit, you will want to purge the line of any air or moisture that has settled since your last use.

    What I do not like about the Ladybug 2150 Steam Cleaner

    Steam cleaners tend to be expensive across the board. However, with a Ladybug, you really get more than just clean. Using a quality steam cleaner promotes a healthier kind of clean that you simply cannot get with chemical cleaners. And when you factor in what you would pay for a new steam cleaner every 2 years as opposed to one Ladybug that will likely last you 10 years, the initial cost is well worth the investment.

    Though this is the lower end of the Ladybug steam cleaner line, I really wish there was some sort of tool caddy or storage device. I can see some of the smaller brushes getting lost in my closet.

    In summary, I give this product a very strong 4 out of 5 stars. It is a little pricey, but I think the unit is well worth the money. The brand reputation and warranty provide a good deal of piece of mind. And, the versatility and the convenience make it a very attractive steam cleaning tool that can be used throughout your home or office.

    Product Questions

    Can i clean my kitchen and bathroom cabinets, apliances, and tile with these steam cleaners?
    We have active mold growth on concrete foundation as well as wood joists in the basement. Can we use our ladybug 2150 to kill the active mold? Thank you for your help

    Ladybug 2150 Vapor Steam Cleaner Specifications

    Model: 2150
    Stainless Steel Boiler: Yes
    Enhanced Circuitry: No
    Steam Volume Control:     
    Yes, on the handle
    Heating Power: 1500 Watts, 12 amps, 110V
    Boiler Capacity: 1.5 quarts
    Reservoir Capacity: 1.8 quarts
    Continuous Fill: Yes
    Pressure Gauge: No
    PSI: 58
    Boiler Temperature: 285° F (over 220° F at nozzle)
    On Board Tool Caddy: No
    Hose Length: 6.7 ft.
    TANCS Compatible: No
    Dimensions: 10.75" H x 12" W x 16" D
    Weight: 15 lbs.
    Certifications: ETL
    Warranty: 1 year limited - 3 year boiler

    Ladybug 2150 Vapor Steam Cleaner Additional Resources

    Lady Bug 2150 Owner's Manual    Ladybug 2150 Vapor Steam Cleaner User Guide