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Ladybug 2300 Vapor Steam Cleaners

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    Ladybug 2300 Vapor Steam Cleaners

    The Ladybug 2300 vapor steam cleaner is one of the absolute best of the best when it comes to residential or commercial steam cleaning. Rugged but lightweight, the 2300 offers the features that have made Ladybug the leader in home steam cleaning while adding in additional accessories and a built in tool caddy. Often used by professional cleaning services, the Ladybug 2300 is a great choice for deep cleaning and sanitizing your home or office.

    With a variety of attachments and brushes, you can clean nearly any surface in your house without the use of harsh chemicals. And more than simply clean, the Ladybug 2300 kills germs, bacteria and viruses with near 300° steam vapor. This healthier kind of clean is ideal for allergy, asthma and MCS sufferers who want a clean, sanitary home without the use of dangerous chemical cleaners. Additionally, the 2300 comes in two styles. Both are Italian made steam cleaners with ergonomic handles, but one comes standard with the TANCS antimicrobial system. This patented sanitizing system uses the minerals naturally found in water to weaken and disrupt germs and microorganisms on a cellular level. It is the only non-chemical sanitizing agent or mechanism approved by the EPA.

    *With the TANCS option, the system qualifies as a disinfection device for the US EPA. Additionally, the TANCS option extends the life of the entire system.


    • Stainless Steel Boiler with Larger Capacity than 2200S
    • With larger capacity tank and boiler you have a much longer run time between refills
    • Swivel wheels
    • Self-monitoring dry steam generator
    • Fingertip Controls
    • Flexible hose with volume control
    • Steam hose length is almost 7 feet
    • Continuous Fill water reservoir
    • Pressure Gauge for maximum efficiency
    • 13 Accessories come standard
    • Low Water Light plus noise alert
    • Splash-Proof Design
    • Built-on Tool Caddy
    • TANCS System is optional

    Ladybug 2300 Vapor Steam Cleaners - A Closer Look

    Each Ladybug steam cleaner comes with an array of attachments, but if you are new to steam cleaning, selecting the right attachment for your specific cleaning task can be confusing. To help, you can always download or refer back to our quick and easy Ladybug steam cleaner attachment guide.

    • Steam nozzle
    • Flexible hose
    • Window cleaning tool with 2 blades
    • Large triangle brush
    • Large rectangular brush
    • 2 Extension wands
    • Small and medium nylon brushes for tile and grout
    • Boiler drainage tool
    • Crevice scraper tool
    • 1 Large Terry Cloth
    • Funnel
    • Instructional DVD

    Benefits of Ladybug's TANCS Technology

      Thermo Accelerated Nano Crystal Sanitation, or TANCS, is a patented technology found in some Ladybug steam cleaners. TANCS is the process that uses naturally occurring minerals found in tap water to form crystals that when heated, disrupts the cell membranes of microorganisms. Once the cell membranes have been disrupted, the over 230 F heat can quickly and effectively destroy germs quickly and without harmful germicides or toxic chemicals. While only found in Ladybug steam cleaners, this type of technology has been in use in commercial setting for years. TANCS is EPA approved as a disinfectant and lab certified. Below are some of the benefits of this technology versus traditional chemical cleaners.
    • Steam vapor reaches into microscopic pores where topical chemical applications and scrubbing would never reach.
    • Simplification of cleaning protocols no disinfectant mixing, storage, disposal concerns, lengthy dwell time requirements, or confusing label directions.
    • TANCS can truly disinfect by eliminating and controlling biofilms that resist typical disinfectants and bleach cleaners.
    • Reduced chemical exposure risks - you're using only tap water and heat!
    • This system won't oxidize metals or degrade grout or concrete like traditional cleaners.
    • Destruction of embedded bacteria and germs that cause lingering odor with traditional cleaning methods.
    • Minerals are utilized by TANCS instead of building up on internal components.
    • Add TANCS to your dry steam vapor system and add five years to your boiler warranty! TANCS means no scaling of your system and helps to maintain the heating efficiency within the boiler while extending the life of the system.

    Customer Reviews

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    Outstanding product!
    I researched dry vapor steam cleaners for almost a year, and kept coming back to this one, based on other reviews, etc. The price scared me more than a bit...it's a lot of $ to spend on something used for cleaning. I finally pulled the trigger when a large job presented itself cleaning 20 wall sized, carpeted trade show display panels that had an unfortunate run in with a mouse in storage. I have not regretted the purchase for a single moment! The product does EXACTLY what the claim, is very well made, and easy to use. no big learning curve or book to read. Not only did it make short work of getting mouse urine out of display panels and only used a total of 4 gallons of water in the process for 16 full yards of indoor/ outdoor carpeting, but I've never seen my kitchen, bathroom, or grill so clean! and I used to own a cleaning business and am pretty much a clean freak. I'm really looking forward to sanitizing the bedding, etc. I can already feel a difference in my daily allergy activity and asthma. Our unit came with the free attachment kit. They extra attachments are great! Buy this thing. You will not be sorry!
    Review by Artist, Business woman, and Allergy sufferer / (Posted on 4/9/2015)
    How did I ever live without this?!
    A fellow cat-friend recommended this product to me for the past several years. Due to the price, I would always smile, nod & think to myself "no way" when she'd comment about it. She cited her own health allergies improvement, along with her cats & even the overall odor in the house being different. Well, I finally bit the bullet when one of my cats developed seasonal allergies and did it. I've only had the XL2300 for two weeks yet I find myself wanting to stay home and use it. I've only tackled about 1/4 of my house thus far, but already see the differences my friend noted. The last conversation I had with her was to tell her "every home in the world needs one of these miracle machines!"
    Review by Lives with cats / (Posted on 4/9/2015)
    Does what it was said to do!
    Quite a nice machine! Does everything the advertisments said it would do. If I had it to do again, I would have purchased the newest model for more steam to do the floors faster. But I am happy with the 8 year boiler warranty and the ability to return it in 60 days for any reason! But my wife is getting used to the cleaning competition from LadyBug Ruby! Also appreciate the prompt delivery of Ruby!
    Review by Budd / (Posted on 4/9/2015)
    Dream Machine
    I read countless reviews before I decided to purchase the LadyBug. Everything I read talked about how great it was to clean without cleaning products and how great it was to sanitize everything. Well, I wanted to know -- would it be easier and faster. The answer was not obvious. However, now that the Lady Bug has been in my condo for three weeks, the answer is clear. Yes, it is faster and easier. I can "vaporize" everything in my bathroom in about 20 minutes. I use it on the tile walls, tile floor, stainless steel counters and sinks and accent wall. I use it on the mirrors and shower stall doors. I use it for the toilet and faucets. It is fast and easy. I just use a few dry towels to follow up as I go. Note: I deep cleaned the grout and removed the water stains on the glass during the first week -- this is now my maintenance routine. I have about 1700 sq feet of hardwood and stone tile. I can steam clean ALL the floors in about 45 minutes. It is much faster and easier than traditional mopping and oh yeah, it is MUCH cleaner. We live in a condo with tons of glass. Think multiple walls of glass. I did a very deep clean on all the windows. It took about 40 minutes! I didn't need to stand on a stool or spray cleaners. The result was completely streak free and spotless!!! I HIGHLY recommend this machine. You will want to do a deep cleaning of everything. Once you do, then you on are on easy street for maintenance. I so love my machine that she has her own name -- "Ruby" seriously, only a woman could clean like Ruby.
    Review by Ruby's Buddy / (Posted on 4/9/2015)

    Ladybug 2300 Dry Steam Cleaner Reviews
    Ladybug 2300 Steam Cleaners

    Larger than the 2150 or 2200 model steam cleaners, the Ladybug XL2300 performs longer and better throughout your home. Built rugged enough for light commercial use, the XL2300 is at home steam cleaning your kitchen floor or while being used by cleaning professionals on a daily basis. With the optional TANCS system, higher temperature steam, and a built in tool caddy, this large capacity steam cleaner is a great tool for regular use and large jobs alike. Though it takes a little getting used to, steam cleaning is a great way to make your home healthier and cleaner in a variety of ways.

    What I like about the Ladybug 2300

    Out of the box, three things struck me. First, the size of the XL2300 is larger than the 2200S or 2150 models. The size helps to account for the increased tank and boiler capacity, and when empty adds very little to the weight. The second that I noticed was the tool caddy that is built into the unit. It actually makes me think this Ladybug has a tool belt. At the base, just above the casters is a plastic band to which you can attach all of the included accessories. This is a big step up in that with other models, you can sometimes lose the accessory brushes, but with the tool belt, everything neatly attaches to the unit. The last thing I noticed were the sparkles. Similar in color to other models, what makes the Ladybug XL2300 different is that throughout the plastic body is sparkles or glitter. They don't jump out at you, but it reminded me of... a bowling ball. And that, is where the analogy ends.

    After putting everything together, I prepped the unit and checked the heat time. At right around the six minute mark the light came on, indicating I was ready to start. As a good rule of thumb with any steam cleaner with steam control, begin on the lowest setting and increase the steam as needed. You want to avoid saturating the cloth right off the bat or you may end up with a longer drying time because of excess moisture. For most people the square floor tool will be the most used attachment. With hotter steam than the other two models, I was able to use the bristles to dislodge debris and caked on mess. A second pass through worked best in the kitchen and bathroom to wipe up what I loosened with the bristles. As a note about the provided cloth, it is large, so you can either cut it or use others that can be found anywhere. After using any towel, wash it and remember to dry it WITHOUT dryer sheets or the use of any fabric softener. For them to work at their best, you really want the clothes to be clean and free of any sort of chemicals commonly found in fabric softeners.

    The triangular brush made quick work of steam cleaning our mattress. The bedroom is one area where the Ladybug really shines. For those that suffer from the dust mite allergy, waking up with a stuffy nose and not being able to breath is not fun. The XL2300 is great for killing dust mites and neutralizing this common allergen. It also works really well in destroying any other microscopic critters that could be calling your bed, home.

    The triangle brush also worked well for tighter spaces. In the kitchen the Ladybug was more than up to the task. The steel wool style accessory used with the larger nylon brush worked really well in removing baked on gunk in oven. And on the countertops, the disinfecting power of the steam vapor and the TANCS system is very important in reducing or eliminating common viruses and bacteria associated with food that can easily make us sick.

    While the kitchen is very open with few nooks, this brush worked better in the bathroom where the space is less open, particularly the tile around the toilet. Again, two passes worked best and cleaned much better than a broom/mop combination. For the grout around the shower the nylon brushes did the trick, but you may find a little better luck using a stainless or brass brush. Just take care when using the metal brushes as they can scratch certain surfaces. I suggest experimenting a little. Steam cleaning takes several attempts to get the hang of but once you do, it goes very quickly. The plain jet nozzle worked fairly well in other tight spaces (in my case, that tiny space between the refrigerator and kitchen counter as well as the seal around the refrigerator). The larger nylon brush with the steel wool worked well for the oven and even our range. (I would caution against use on a glass top range as it may scratch or scar.)

    With this model I also tried some of the additional accessories that come in the free kit. The filler pads were a nice addition in that they fit in the square and triangle brushes and really increase the surface area of the cloth that is making contact with the floor and picking up debris and soil. The extra terry cloths add value, though if you ever run out, you can use nearly any right sized terry cloth or microfiber cloth. Lastly, I tried the 212 on a small coffee stain in the carpeting in our den. It worked just as good as any traditional stain removing compound except that I noticed I only had to use a small amount. Overall, the extra kit does adds versatility to the overall cleaning experience.

    The steam temperature is higher on this model, but more importantly, the Ladybug XL2300 was consistent. With the pressure guage I was able to keep any eye on my boiler pressure. In the shower, where I used a lot of steam very quickly, I was able to quickly glance at the gauge and see the pressure quickly rise back to normal levels before continuing. In a similar vein, the run time is longer. Because of the larger size water tank and boiler, I was able to steam everything I wanted throughout our home with two fills. With the smaller models it took three.

    The Ladybug XL2300 I tested was equipped with TANCS, and while I'll admit I did not quantify the bacteria count in my kitchen, I feel confident in the only non-chemical, EPA certified disinfectant mechanism. One thing I did notice though is for a days after I finished, the areas I steamed smelled cleaner. Even on hard surfaces, the difference was noticeable. Unlike bleach cleaners or traditional floor cleaners, vapor steam deep cleans and releases chemicals, odors and debris lodged deep in the pores of even hard materials.

    What I do not like about the Ladybug 2300

    I would recommend this for any flooring in your home with one exception. For large carpeted areas, you can use the Ladybug XL2300, but you'll likely spend a lot of time doing it. It's best for heavily soiled areas, generally right where you walk into the room or area directly in front of the sofa or chairs. For these surfaces what you primarily are doing is killing the germs that living there while removing odors.

    Compared to the lower end models, this Ladybug steam cleaner is a little heavier, and a little larger. The size and weight difference isn't a lot, but with the tool belt, you may have a little more limited access with this model. The flip side is the run time is greater and steam is hotter, so there is some give and take here.

    Overall, this was my favorite of the three models I had tested to this point. The larger capacity meant fewer refills, and the steam cleaning ability was unmatched. It left my house smelling fresher with no lingering ammonia or bleach odors that often follow cleaning. The controls were simple and the wand fits to the hand nicely. The XL2300 I tested was equipped with TANCS, so an extended warranty was included. With few drawbacks other than cost, the Ladybug XL2300 is an amazing steam cleaner with the size and strength to tackle grease, grit and grime in every room of your home or office.

    Product Questions

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    Ladybug 2300 Vapor Steam Cleaners Specifications

    Model: 2300 2300 with TANCS
    Stainless Steel Boiler: Yes Yes
    Enhanced Circuitry: No No
    Steam Volume Control: Yes, on handle Yes, on handle
    Heating Power: 1700 Watts, 14.2 amps, 120V 1700 Watts, 14.2 amps, 120V
    Boiler Capacity: 2.1 liters 2.1 liters
    Reservoir Capacity: 1.3 liters 1.3 liters
    Continuous Fill Yes Yes
    Pressure Gauge: Yes Yes
    PSI 68 68
    Boiler Temperature: 298° F 298° F
    On Board Tool Storage Yes Yes
    TANCS Compatible: No Yes
    Dimensions: 16" H x 12" W x 16" D 16" H x 12" W x 16" D
    Weight: 16 lbs. 16 lbs.
    Warranty: 1 year 1 year

    Ladybug 2300 Vapor Steam Cleaners Additional Resources

    Ladybug 2300 Owner's Manual                    Ladybug Steam Cleaners 2300 Owners Manual