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Ladybug 2350 Tekno Vapor Steam Cleaners

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  • Powerful Vapor Steam to Sanitize & Disinfect
  • Non-Chemical, EPA Approved, TANCS Disinfectant System
  • Made in Italy
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    Ladybug 2350 Tekno Vapor Steam Cleaners

    The Ladybug Tekno 2350 steam cleaner is an industrial strength, commercial steam cleaner that is great for all kinds of tough cleaning jobs. These are the commercial vapor steam cleaners you need to buy if you are running your own cleaning business. The large cold water reservoir and the optional trolley system means that this Ladybug can tackle bigger cleaning applications with ease. The Ladybug Tekno 2350 comes standard with the TANCS disinfectant technology which means greater sanitizing power and a more sterile kind of clean.

    As a continuous fill unit, the Ladybug Tekno 2350 provides constant steam and can be refilled at any point without losing steam or having to wait for the unit to heat back up. And the larger capacity water tank and boiler means you have longer run times between fill ups. Both of these means more clean with fewer interruptions.

    The TANCS system uses naturally occurring minerals found in water and converts them to crystals that penetrate and work to destroy the cell wall of germs on a microscopic level. This in turn leaves them more susceptible to the lethal effects of steam. The TANCS disinfecting system is the closest thing you can get to a truly sterile clean in a residential setting. And best of all, TANCS uses only water and heat instead of harsh chemicals.

    *With the TANCS option, the system qualifies as a disinfection device for the US EPA. Additionally, the TANCS option extends the life of the entire system.


    • Extra Large Stainless Steel Boiler
    • Swivel wheels
    • Self-monitoring Dry Steam Generator
    • Fingertip Steam Controls
    • Flexible Hose with curved Ergonomic Handle
    • Digital Pressure and Temperature Status Panel featuring continuous updates
    • Rugged, Commercial Grade Attachments
    • Splash-proof Design
    • Steam Hose length of almost 7 ft.
    • Continuous Fill Water Reservoir
    • More Standard Accessories than other models
    • Low Water Light plus Audible Alert
    • 6 minute heat up time
    • TANCS system is included with 8 Year Boiler Warranty

    Ladybug 2350 Tekno Vapor Steam Cleaners - A Closer Look

    Standard Attachments
    All Ladybug commercial vapor steam cleaners come with an array of attachments, but if you are new to steam cleaning, selecting the right attachment for your specific cleaning task can be confusing. To help, you can always download or refer back to our quick and easy Ladybug steam cleaner attachment guide.

    • Curved Steam Nozzle
    • Flexible Hose
    • Window Cleaning Tool
    • Large Triangle Brush
    • Large Rectangular Brush
    • 2 Extension Wands
    • Small and Medium Nylon Brushes for tile and grout
    • Boiler Drainage Tool
    • Crevice Scraper/Wallpaper Scraper Tool
    • 1 Large Terry Cloth
    • Sponge Filler Pads
    • Carrying Case
    • Instructional DVD

    Ladybug's TANCS Technology

    Thermo Accelerated Nano Crystal Sanitation, or TANCS, is a patented technology found in some Ladybug steam cleaners. TANCS is the process that uses naturally occurring minerals found in tap water to form crystals that when heated, disrupts the cell membranes of microorganisms. Once the cell membranes have been disrupted, the over 230° F heat can quickly and effectively destroy germs quickly and without harmful germicides or toxic chemicals. While only found in Ladybug commercial vapor steam cleaners, this type of technology has been in use in commercial setting for years. TANCS is EPA approved as a disinfectant and lab certified. Below are some of the benefits of this technology versus traditional chemical cleaners.

    • Steam vapor reaches into microscopic pores where topical chemical applications and scrubbing would never reach.
    • Simplification of cleaning protocols--no disinfectant mixing, storage, disposal concerns, lengthy dwell time requirements, or confusing label directions.
    • TANCS can eliminate and control biofilms that resist typical disinfectants and bleach cleaners.
    • Reduced chemical exposure risks - you're using only tap water and heat!
    • This system won't oxidize metals or degrade grout or concrete like traditional cleaners.
    • Destruction of embedded bacteria and germs that cause lingering odor with traditional cleaning methods.
    • Minerals are utilized by TANCS instead of building up on internal components.
    • Add TANCS to your dry steam vapor system and add five years to your boiler warranty! TANCS means no scaling of your system and helps to maintain the heating efficiency within the boiler while extending the life of the system.

    Ladybug Tekno 2350 Steam Cleaner Reviews
    Ladybug Tekno 2350 Steam Cleaners

    The Ladybug Tekno steam cleaner is an industrial stength, commercial steam cleaner that is great for all kinds of tough cleaning jobs. This is the steam cleaner you need to buy if you are running your own cleaning business. The large cold water reservoir and the optional trolley system means that this Ladybug can tackle bigger cleaning applications. The Ladybug Tekno comes standard with the TANCS bolier technology.

    What I like about the Ladybug 2350

    The two qualities that separate the Tekno from the other Ladybug units are the LCD digital display for pressure and temperature, and the larger cool water reservoir. The digital display lets you quickly monitor your Ladybug's performance. With the pressure gauge, you know when the unit is at the optimal pressure to produce the best steam, and a temperature indication allows you to better monitor your cleaning performance while you work. The larger water reservoir allows you to clean for longer periods of time without adding more water. This is important for someone with a seriouscleaning regimen or for commercial steam cleaning applications.

    We were able to secure a Ladybug model for our showroom and we tested the unit out on some office cubicles that we purchased for our growing marketing and sales department. The Ladybug Tekno was more than up to the challenge of steam cleaning the fabric of roughly ten office cubicles and another half a dozen, gently used, filing cabinents. We completed the entire cleaning job on one water tank.

    This may seem like a small point, but the inclusion of filler pads is an excellent addition. I've used a Ladybug steam cleaner with and without the pads, and the biggest difference is that with the pads, more of the surface of your cleaning cloth actually touches the floor, walls, whatever you are cleaning. For floors this is especially beneficial in that with a larger surface area touching the floor, you can pick up more debris and soil that you loosen while steam cleaning. Without the filler pad, you'll find that dirt and debris mainly accumulates where the bristles touch the cloth.

    Other good features of this unit are the continuous fill option and the steam flow adjustment. You do nothave to shut this unit off to refill the water. Also, you can adjust the steam flow from light to heavy depending on what you are cleaning. You really have control of the steam at your fingertips. This unit also features a double valve system. While most Ladybug steam cleaners won't allow you to essentially empty the boiler in one shot, with the Tekno 2350 you can. So if the occasion arising where you need a heavy, concentrated blast of steam, you have that capability with this model.

    Because this steam cleaning system produces high temperature "dry" steam vapor that carries only about 6% water, very little water is left behind. Surfaces are cool to the touch almost immediately and dry within minutes. Ladybug steam cleaners rely on heat instead of high pressure which means a more thorough cleaning with less mess.

    What I do not like about the Ladybug 2350

    One thing I do not like about this model is that there is no on-board tool storage. For commercial cleaning, you really needto buy the optional trolley cart. Probably, the other thing that I do not like about this product is the price. However, with a Ladybug, you really get what you pay for and you will end up getting your money back out of theunit by extending the life of furniture, rugs, and other parts of your home as well as avoiding the cost of having to replace a steam cleaner of lesser quality, every couple years. For those serious about steam cleaning, the intial cost is well worth it.

    Overall, the Ladybug Tekno 2350 steam cleaner is perfect for someone with a serious cleaning regimen, a larger home, or for someone that works as a cleaning professional. This will make any cleaning job go much faster. With the standard TANCS option and the trolley,this Ladybug model definitely ranks as a 5 out of 5 stars.

    Product Questions

    How does the Aromatherapy Attachment work for Ladybug Tekno? Thanks.

    Ladybug 2350 Tekno Vapor Steam Cleaners Specifications

    Model: Tekno 2350
    Stainless Steel Boiler: Yes
    Safety trigger: Yes
    Steam Volume Control:     
    Yes, on the handle
    Heating Power: 1700 Watts, 14.2 amps, 120V
    Boiler Capacity: 1 liter
    Reservoir Capacity: 2.75 liters
    Continuous Fill: Yes
    Pressure Gauge: Yes, LCD display
    PSI: 90
    Boiler Temperature: 324° F
    On Board Tool Caddy: No, optional trolley system
    TANCS Compatible: Yes
    Dimensions: 16" H x 12" W x 16" D
    Weight: 13 lbs.
    Warranty: 3 year / 8 year boiler

    Ladybug 2350 Tekno Vapor Steam Cleaners Additional Resources

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