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Miele Complete C3 Alize Canister Vacuum

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  • Unique Features, Ideal for Smooth Floors and low-pile carpets
  • Sealed System, HEPA Vacuum Cleaner
  • Lightweight, Extremely Quiet
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    Miele Complete C3 Alize Canister Vacuum

    On the introductory side of the new Miele Complete C3 vacuum cleaner line is the Miele Alize. With many of the features of a more expensive C3, the Alize is a certified HEPA vacuum cleaner that is a perfect fit for a home where there is mostly smooth floors with some low-pile carpet. The SBD 285-3 AirTeQ combination tool is a new model that works well on multiple flooring types. Though the Miele Complete C3 Alize canister vacuum cleaner is comparable to its predecessor the Miele S5 Pisces, a variety of features, including quieter operation, longer cleaning reach, and a better H13 HEPA filter, makes this canister vacuum a better buy at a less expensive price point.

    *NOTE: The Miele C3 Alize was formerly known as the S8590 Alize. Aside from the change in model number, all other features have remained the same.


    • Miele Alize Vacuum Cleaner DetailsThe AirClean System provides 11 layers of filtration and seals to prevent air leakage. As the leader in vacuum filtration, each Miele actually improves indoor air quality by using superior filtration to ensure that the air coming from your vacuum is cleaner than the ambient air in your home.
    • As a key component of the AirClean system, the HEPA AirClean Filter is tested and certified to trap 99.95% of particles as small as 0.1 microns and larger.
    • The 9-ply G/N AirClean dust bag can hold up to 4.76 quarts and traps large particles and allergens.
    • The new TimeStrip feature on the filter removes all the guesswork about when to replace the filter.
    • The 1200 watt Miele Vortex Motor provides powerful suction with reduced noise and emissions.
    • Miele vacuum cleaners are rigorously tested to last an average of 20 years residential use (approximately 45 minutes per week at highest setting), and each vacuum is individually tested before shipping.
    • Easy to use +/- Foot Controls eliminate the need to bend down while adjusting suction. It can all be done with a simple tap of the foot.
    • The Alize offers greater reach, a full 36 ft. operating radius with a convenient One-Touch cord rewind switch.
    • Enhanced Silence Insulation and an encapsulated motor make the Alize quieter than nearly all other vacuum cleaners.
    • As a vacuum geared mainly towards hard floor cleaning, the Alize reduces sound and vibration as you vacuum by using DynamicDrive swivel casters. Exclusive to Miele, these feature an integrated shock absorber and low pressure, inflated tires to smooth and quiet movement across hard flooring.
    • A 3D bumper strip helps to protect the vacuum and your furniture from scuffs and scratches.
    • The Dust bag change indicator alerts you to replace the dust bag, while a separate filter change indicator lets you know when it is time to replace the HEPA filter.
    • Like the top-of-the-line Brilliant, the Alize has the Standby Park Feature that powers down the suction to reduce noise and power consumption if you are momentarily interrupted while cleaning.
    • Safety Shut-Off prevents the motor from overheating in the event that a damaging item is sucked up.
    • Lightweight, with a ribcage style design, the Miele Alize C3 Complete weighs in just under 11 lbs. - 2 lbs. less than previous models! This design also allows for proper airflow through the vacuum regardless of how full the bag is.
    • The Deluxe Ergonomic Handle allows for a comfortable cleaning motion while an integrated LED Spotlight sheds some light on any cleaning situation.
    • The Adjustable Comfort Telescopic Wand fully extends and retracts to increase reach for amazing above-the-floor cleaning.
    • The Automatic suction setting provides ease and convenience. It is environmentally friendly by only using as much power as needed for your specific cleaning task.
    • The Alize comes with the Miele AirTeQ Combo Tool. This combo tool is designed for better airflow and continual contact with the floor which provides the same cleaning results with less power.
    • A Crevice Tool for tight spaces, Dusting Brush for delicate cleaning, and Upholstery Tool for furniture and curtains fit neatly in an under-the-hood storage compartment.
    • 7 Year Warranty on the motor and body casing - 1 Year Warranty on parts and labor.

    Miele Complete C3 Alize Canister Vacuum - A Closer Look

    Alize Combo Floor Tool - SBD 650-3 AirTeQ SBD 285-3 AirTeQ Combo Tool
    This redesigned combination floor tool allows for more streamlined airflow and uninterrupted contact with the floor. This means that compared to the traditional combo tool, the AirTeQ requires less energy to achieve the same cleaning results on smooth floor, low pile carpet and rugs. Compact and lightweight, a dual-side rocker switch allows you to quickly move from smooth flooring to low pile carpet.

    Miele C3 Automatic Suction Control Automatic Suction Setting
    By monitoring the air pressure at the floor tool, the Automatic Suction Control on the Miele Alize automatically adjusts the suction to the type of flooring you are cleaning. For carpet the suction level lowers to allow for smooth movement across the surface without any sticking or catching. On smooth flooring like tile or hardwood, the suction level increases allow for effective cleaning around edges. By automatically adjusting, this feature ensures that only the power required to clean each specific surface is used. This means more efficient energy consumption and less waste.

    Miele Alize Ergonomic Handle with Spotlight Deluxe Ergonomic Handle
    Well fitting, the Deluxe Ergonomic Handle takes strain off of your wrist while giving you full control of the vacuum. This handle is unique to Miele and to the Complete C3 line in that it features a LED spotlight. No matter if you are using an attachment and removing cobwebs from a corner, cleaning behind the refrigerator or simply vacuuming a dimly lit room, these powerful LEDs light the way and make cleaning easier. This AAA powered spotlight can be handy even for non-cleaning tasks!

    DynamicDrive Casters DynamicDrive Casters
    As a smooth floor vacuum cleaner, the Alize has a unique caster system that reduces noise and smoothes out movement of the canister. While the casters of the Alize swivel like all other Miele vacuums, these also have tiny shock absorbers and rubber wheels with low air pressure to absorb the shock and sound when moving over hard surfaces like tile and laminate or transitions between rooms.

    Miele C3 HEPA Filter - HA-50 HEPA AirClean Filter
    The HEPA filter conforms to stringent European H13 filtration standards, trapping 99.95% of particles as tiny as 0.1 microns. The new TimeStrip features allows you to simply push the small green button on the filter when installed. Then, when the bar is red, you know it's time to replace. No more guesswork or trying to remember the date you installed your filter. Each AirClean HEPA filter is sealed with a rubber edge, to prevent existing dust particles from escaping the filter.

    Miele AirClean G/N Dustbag AirClean Dustbags
    The AirClean dustbag features a 9-ply construction that increases airflow while improving filtration. This color-coded, spring-loaded, self-sealing dust bag is a key component to Miele's AirClean system.
    • Traps 99.9% of all fine dust particles
    • 33% longer suction performance than Intensive Clean bags
    • 15% improved filtration
    • Air flow guides increase dust storage capacity by up to 25%
    • Self-sealing collar for hygienic removal and disposal

    Miele Tool Compartment Additional Accessories
    The Miele Alize has three above-the-floor cleaning accessories that are conveniently located "under the hood." These three tools allow you to clean nearly any surface or area in your home and store snugly in this molded compartment. They are always within reach, and you'll never again have to waste time searching for lost vacuum accessories!
    • Dusting Brush
    • Upholstery Nozzle
    • Crevice Tool

    Customer Reviews

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    Works Exactly As Described
    This vacuum does a superb job on my vinyl luxury plank flooring. It's whisper quiet. Very easy to use.
    Review by Allergy Sufferer / (Posted on 4/7/2015)

    Miele Complete C3 Alize HEPA Vacuum Cleaner Reviews
    Miele Complete C3 Alize HEPA Vacuum Cleaner

    With a variety of features unique to only this model, the Miele Complete C3 Alize canister vacuum is an ideal solution for cleaning large areas of hard flooring, like tile, linoleum, hardwood, and laminate, as well as areas of low pile carpet and rugs. With certified HEPA filtration and the AirTeQ combo floor tool, the Alize is well suited for allergy sufferers and even pet owners with predominantly smooth flooring. Thinking this model is a good fit for my home (no allergies, but all smooth flooring and two dogs), I took the Alize home for a week long trial run.

    What I like about the Miele Alize Complete C3

    The Alize is built specifically for people like me in mind. I have tile, hardwood, and linoleum throughout my home with only a few rugs at doorways and between rooms. Two dogs in the home mean there is always plenty of pet hair and dirt tracked in that needs to be vacuumed up every few days, and again, the Alize was an excellent fit. Here's how it performed in a variety of cleaning tasks.

    In terms of vacuuming smooth flooring the C3 Alize was excellent. The combo tool really showcases the suction of the Miele Vortex motor. So whether it was the linoleum in the kitchen, tile in the bathroom or hallway, or the hardwood in the bedrooms, the AirTeQ worked well in pulling up dirt, debris and pet hair. I also used this tool on some of the rugs I have in the home. They are all low pile rugs, that honestly, I often just shake out then toss in the washer. When pushing the AirTeQ, I was pleased with how well a tool with no brushroll pulled up pet hair. Now, when pulling the floor tool back towards you, you may suck up the rug, but this is easy to get around by adjusting the suction down with the +/- foot buttons. Overall, it worked well across all of my smooth flooring types.

    The AirClean system is a big plus for allergy sufferers. While I do not suffer from allergies, I still like this for a couple of reasons. First, the Alize will give you a 0 reading on a particle counter. So the air exiting the Alize is cleaner than ambient air in my home (and likely yours too). Second, it was traditionally a pain in my backside trying to remember when I installed the filter. If you don't have a Miele with a filter replacement indicator, this is where the new TimeStrip is really handy. I just push the small green button and over time, the bar on the indicator fills red. Once completely full, it's time to replace the filter. No guessing. For pet odors, I'd suggest opting for the AirClean filter when it's time to replace the HEPA. Active charcoal means it works far better with odors, though you will lose a bit in terms of particle filtration.

    In terms of noise, the new Miele C3's are very quiet, and the Alize is no exception. Neither of the dogs paid much attention to the vacuum while it was running. With the silence insulation and encased motor, the bulk of any noise the Alize produces comes from the air being sucked through the AirTeQ tool or the accessories. I could easily hear the TV, doorbell and even carry on an only slightly-louder-than-normal conversation with my roommates.

    The new LED spotlight is my favorite feature on the Alize canister vacuum. After installing AAA batteries in the handle, you're ready to go. The light is powerful and shines right down to where you are cleaning, whether you are using the AirTeQ or the accessories. I really liked this because for tight spaces, it is very handy. How many people are going to shine a flashlight behind their refrigerator while they clean? I'm not that coordinated. This, however, makes it easy by illuminating your cleaning path no matter where you are vacuuming - behind appliances, the corners of rooms, in your closet, around your dresser or bed, and the list goes on.

    The G/N dustbags still impress me. Though there are dustbags that can hold more, the construction of the G/N is impressive. Not only is the 9 layer filtration great for removing the vast majority of particles in the air, they are self-sealing. I've used plenty of bagless vacuums before, and while it's nice to not have to buy dust bags, emptying them is a joke - and a bad one for allergy sufferers. I've yet to empty a bagless vacuum and not get dust rolling back up into the air I breathe. Ideally, you should empty that type of vacuum cleaner outside, but who wants the hassle? No, the G/N bags are a far better choice. As you open the bag compartment of the Miele Alize, the G/N's spring-loaded collar seals shut. Simply pull it out and toss it in the trash, keeping all the allergens, dirt and dust locked away in the body and not in the air I breathe.

    Additionally, the new Dynamic Drive system is a nice bonus, particularly for a vacuum that is specifically designed for cleaning smooth floors. The rubber, air filled tires combined with the tiny shock absorber makes for an ultra smooth and much quieter movement across hard floors, especially the grout lines of tile, and transitions between rooms. Other noticeable upgrades over the old S5 line include the suction controls. Instead of the rotary dial which meant having to bend over to adjust the suction, all C3 models have foot buttons. No bending required. The cord rewind now mirrors that of the C2 models. You press the button once and it fully retracts. So you don't need to hold the button in for it to rewind by itself. The handle is a deluxe handle (always preferable over the ergonomic handle).

    Lastly, the Alize HEPA vacuum is lighter than the previous models, and most of the C3's dropped a couple pounds, now weighing in under 11 lbs. For those who like style points, the handle was redesigned to curve upwards to reduce some strain, but it also gives it a unique appearance. The accessories are functional and covered all of my needs in terms of vacuuming between the windows and screen, baseboards, and other edges. Plus, they store neatly away, which is good for someone like me who is prone to losing small things. The Alize is very durable with an ABS finish and a hose that I've literally tied into four knots - it always springs back to shape.

    What I do not like about the Miele Alize Complete C3

    The AirTeQ floor tool is a good tool. Personally, I still prefer the signature parquet floor tool. Truthfully if I was purchasing this vacuum, I would seriously consider it if your flooring situation is like mine. As I said before, I wash my rugs, so the AirTeQ feels like something that would be more beneficial to other users.

    The Automatic setting is one that I used, but personally didn't see much difference. Ideally, this setting is best used when moving from, say carpet to hard flooring. In my house, there is no carpet, so while the automatic suction setting did cause a slight change while moving from smooth flooring to my rugs, for homes like mine, you may not need it much. In other homes with more varied flooring types, this feature would be much more beneficial as it helps to reduce power consumption by adjusting suction up or down based on the flooring type.

    Priced less than the straight suction Pisces, but loaded with better features, the new Alize is a great choice for homes with mostly smooth flooring. The features are functional, and overall, the Alize is extremely versatile. It is quiet, rolls nicely across multiple surfaces, and cleans better than most other vacuums on the market. The filtration is truly outstanding and in all, it would be a good fit in homes with or without pets. Provided you don't need much carpet cleaning ability, you cannot go wrong with the Miele Complete C3 Alize vacuum.

    Product Questions

    Hi, I would like to know if the accesories: SEB217-3 and SBB300-3 would work with the Miele Alize S8590? Thanks for now.

    Miele Complete C3 Alize Canister Vacuum Specifications

    Best for: All Types of Flooring
    Vacuum type: Full Size Canister
    Color: Petrol
    Construction : Durable ABS plastic
    Motor: 1200 Watt Miele Vortex Motor
    Airflow: 141 CFM
    Operating Radius: 36 ft.
    Suction Control: +/- Foot Pedals
    Handle: Deluxe Ergonomic Handle w/ LED Light
    Wand: Comfort wand
    Bag type: 3D AirClean G/N
    Bag capacity: 4.76 quart Filterbag
    HEPA Filter: Yes, H13 AirClean HEPA w/ TimeStrip
    Included Floor Tools: SBD 285-3 AirTeQ
    Crevice Tool: Yes
    Dust Brush: Yes
    Upholstery Tool: Yes
    Dust Bag Change Indicator:     
    Filter Change Indicator : Yes
    Auto Cord Rewind: Yes, One Touch
    Safety Shut-off: Yes
    Silence Insulation: Yes
    Wand Park Feature: Yes
    Dimensions: 19.2" L x 10.8" W x 8.9" H
    Weight: 10.8 lbs.
    Warranty: 7 Year Motor & Shell - 1 Year Parts & Labor