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SEBO Airbelt K3 Canister Vacuum Cleaners

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SEBO Airbelt K3 Canister Vacuum Cleaners

SEBO K3 Vacuum Cleaner WarrantyA durable, stylish way to clean your home and reduce allergens? That's what you get with the SEBO K3 vacuum cleaners. Not only do these German made vacuums feature S-Class filtration and a sealed system, but they are extremely durable and easy to use. Each SEBO K3 comes with a power head for carpet cleaning as well as a separate parquet brush for all of your smooth floor cleaning needs. Available in three colors, including a special K-3 Pet model (which comes with a SEBO handheld turbobrush - ideal for removing pet hair and a 20" extension wand), the SEBO K3 canister vacuums cleaners make it easy to have a cleaner home with fewer allergens.


  • Hospital-grade S-class filtration system captures allergens like dust, mold, and pollen with 99.9% effectiveness down to 0.3 microns.
  • Optional HEPA filtration captures household allergens with 99.97% effectiveness down to 0.3 microns.
  • Easy-change bag with hygienic seal so that no dust can escape.
  • Light & compact for easy operation and storage.
  • Approved as Allergy Friendly by the British Allergy Foundation and Allergy UK.The SEBO K3 is Approved Allergy Friendly by UK Allergy & British Allergy Foundation
  • Powerful performance with a 1250 Watt motor.
  • Thermal cut-out protects motor from over-heating.
  • Quiet operation.
  • Power control slider on handle to adjust suction on the fly.
  • Full-size on-board tools include dusting brush, crevice nozzle, and upholstery nozzle.
  • Rubber coated wheels prevent damage to floors and rotate 360° for maneuverability while an air belt shock absorber acts as a bumper guard to protect furniture and walls.
  • Large control switches for easy power toggling and cord retraction.
  • Quick-release brush head for easy removal.
  • Operating range is 37 feet.
  • SEBO K3 Vacuum Parquet ToolElectrified telescopic tube allows for convenient handle height adjustment.
  • Ergonomic handle reduces wrist and arm fatigue.
  • All K3 colors come with a premium parquet brush for smooth floors as well as an ET-1 power head with 4 height adjustments, fully rotating swivel neck, a switch to activate the brushroll or simply use straight suction to clean on more delicate surfaces and indicator lights to let you know when to replace the bristle roller.
  • The SEBO Pet K3 vacuum comes with additional handheld turbo brush and extension wand ideal for stairs and removing pet hair.
  • 5 Year Warranty on motor, non-wear parts, and labor

Customer Reviews

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Worth every penny
I wanted to find a great vacuum for my allergies and easy to use/store. At first the it seemed like a lot of money but after researching Miele and Dyson, Sebo is so much better. I still find it a charm to use this everytime.
Review by Allergy what = / (Posted on 4/9/2015)

SEBO K3 Vacuum Cleaner Reviews
SEBO K3 Canister Vacuum

A mainstay in the SEBO line of high quality vacuum cleaners, the K3 series of vacuums offers a range of colors and options to meet all of your home cleaning needs. In addition to cleaning your surfaces, the SEBO K3 vacuums also come standard with sealed systems and S-Class filtration. What this means that allergens are filtered and trapped instead of being redistributed in the air you breathe. Let's take a closer look at this durable and effective home cleaner to see how it compares to others available.

What I liked about the SEBO K3 Canister Vacuum

The SEBO K3 Canister vacuum arrives with an electric, telescopic wand, parquet floor tool, a power head attachment, and three mini accessories for above the floor cleaning. Unlike some models, the powerhead of the K3 is height adjustable with four separate settings, suitable for any height of carpet. Independently driven, this powerful carpet cleaning works well on any type of carpet and removes pet hair as well as the best of them. The design is slightly different than traditional powerheads, but this unique "L" shape works well, particularly around table and chair legs. This tool even provides indicator lights to help guide your cleaning and let you know when you might need to replace the brushroll. The on-board cleaning accessories are ideal for dusting, while the ultra slim profile of the wand, handle and cleaning head allow you to dust or vacuum even the tightest of spaces. Lastly, the parquet tool, though simple, is actually extremely effective. The bristles are gentle enough for use on more delicate surfaces, and the slim profile is perfect for getting under appliances. This smooth floor tool is actually better than many comparable models. The notches cut into the bristles are smaller than similar tools for other brands of vacuums, and it's these smaller notches that allow for greater suction and better cleaning with a single pass.

The K3 is a better choice than the K2 if you have carpets in your home. The electrically driven powerhead is better across all types of carpet while still providing you all the tools you need for cleaning smooth surfaces. If you have low pile carpet or only small areas of carpet, the K2 Turbo might be a decent fit, since it comes with an air-driven turbobrush, but the best carpet cleaning, the K3 is a clear choice.

Unlike other vacuums, the K3 offers you three choices in terms of color options, red, black and white. The red and black models are the same other than the color, but the white offers a couple extra accessories. The K3 Pet vacuum cleaner (white) comes with all the standard features of the other K3 models but also includes a handheld turbobrush and a wand extension. For pet owners, the handheld turbobrush is going to be a great add-on. It's small but powerful and well suited for removing pet hair from upholstered furniture and steps, two places where using a traditional floor cleaning tool isn't an option.

The K3 vacuum cleaner also offers suction control on the ergonomically designed handle. The suction adjustment slide is easy to use and allows you to quickly reduce or increase suction on the fly. It also saves you from having to bend over each time you transition to or from different types of flooring.

Filtration on this model has long been a key selling point. SEBO vacuums, including the K3 canister vacuums, come standard with S-Class filtration and a sealed system. These German designed and manufactured vacuums place great emphasis on providing a machine that cleans your floors and does so without polluting indoor air. The dust bag is easy to change, and has a built in cap to seal away allergens while you are replacing it. Overall, this system is a good fit for those dealing with allergies or asthma or really anyone concerned with problem of traditional or cheap vacuums that simply suck up allergens and force them back into the air you breathe.

SEBO vacuums are exceptionally durable. They are built to last, and the warranty backs that up, providing a full five years of coverage for the motor, all non-wear parts as well as labor. And while SEBO has enjoyed a long reputation as a quality commercial grade vacuum cleaner, the K3 canister combines power and efficiency with convenient features more suitable for everyday use.

What I did not like about the SEBO K3 Canister Vacuum

My old gripe with the K3 used to be their powerheads. In the past, the had several powerheads for different colors and it was simply confusing to figure out. More recently, they have simplified the offering and eliminated this problem. So my only remaining point is with filtration. In all reality, S-Class filtration will offer almost no distinguishable difference when compared to HEPA, even though HEPA filtration is technically, slightly better. To me, this is a flaw on their part. People want HEPA, and HEPA is what people know. Even though S-Class offers nearly identical filtration, it can cause some people to dismiss this high quality vacuum simply because SEBO chose to go a different route.

In summary, if you have carpeting and still want the flexibility and low profile of a canister vacuum, I would recommend going with the SEBO K3.  The power, durability and cleaning ability is on par with the most reputable and expensive brands available, and if you're looking for a vacuum that has a unique look that you won't in most homes or stores, the SEBO K3 vacuum cleaner might be just it.

Product Questions

I had a question about the Sebo K-3 review: How long is the actual hose itself? Thanks.
Is there a bag included? Do you sell extra bags for the Sebo vacuum SBV0010 model?

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