• Making You Healthier and Happier Through Allergy Relief

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Core Values and Mission Statement

Making You Healthier and Happier Through Allergy Relief

We are honest, passionate and determined. We embrace diversity in thoughts, opinions, and backgrounds. We value having fun. We are positive influences on each other, on our customers, on our referring physicians and on our vendors. We are creative and unconventional. We think outside the box to solve problems and business bottlenecks. We learn from our mistakes and do not repeat them.
We always find a better way to meet our goals. We are innovative, progressive, and one step ahead of our competition. We work more efficiently than other companies. We do more with less. We communicate better than our competitors. We believe that there is always room for improvement.
We work hard. We love the details. We lead by example. We take initiative when we notice issues, so that the team and the company can succeed.
Our relationships with one another, with our customers, our vendors, our referring physicians and anyone who interacts with our company are based on honesty and openness. We always act with integrity both inside and outside the workplace. We are compassionate, friendly, and loyal. We always do the right thing even if it is the more difficult thing and we always treat others with respect.
Our culture and work environment is friendly, warm, and exciting. We work hard as a team, but we are much more than that we are a family. We watch out for each other, care for each, and believe in each others personal dreams and aspirations.