Aging Puts More People at Risk for Allergies

In a recent Wall Street Journal article, writer Kelly Greene explores the link between aging and the increased risk for developing allergies. The commonly held belief that allergies and asthma subside with age is proving to be incorrect. According to Greene, allergies affect 17% to 20% of the U.S. population. The numbers affected do not decrease with age.

_Reasons for an allergy flare up later in life are diverse. Moving to another part of the country, accumulating exposures over a long period of time, and changing health conditions are all possibilities. The most prominent of these is a move to another part of the country, particularly to a different climate. Retiring and relocating to a mild climate where pollen is prevalent year round is a common allergy trigger. After a few years, you can build up reactive cells that respond to allergens and cause allergy flare-ups.

_Some doctors point to the

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