AllerAir Air Purifiers Visits achoo! ALLERGY

Achoo! ALLERGY employees meet with AllerAir air purifier representative.
_Yesterday, Jeffrey Kanel of AllerAir Industries held a meeting with achoo! ALLERGY employees. Such meetings are a regular occurrence at achoo! ALLERGY, where continuing education regarding allergy relief products and disseminating this information to allergy sufferers is one of our top priorities.

AllerAir specializes in air purification units containing activated carbon, which controls exposure to chemicals, off-gassing, and noxious fumes. AllerAir president discusses this further in AllerAir President Sam Teitelbaum on Activated Carbon Filtration. People who suffer from Multiple Chemical Sensitivity (MCS) are greatly helped by the use of such units. Even people without manifested sensitivities to chemicals benefit from the use of a carbon air purifier that eliminates toxic gasses and odors from the air.

The amount of carbon in any given unit is important because it increases ‘dwell time,’ a crucial factor in the success of removing lethal chemicals from the air. Dwell time refers to the amount of time that a substance takes to pass through the carbon filter. The thicker the carbon, the longer the dwell time and the better the unit is at trapping chemicals. AllerAir is proud to offer the highest carbon content in the industry. Their carbon filters run at a minimum of two-and-a-half inches in width.

Kanel also recommends running units on the low setting in order to increase dwell time. Lower settings cause air to pass through the carbon filter more slowly, increasing the amount of time the air

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