Introducing Anti-Allergen Pet Shampoo

Pet Shampoo

Nearly everyone loves their pets and no one wants to get rid of them after an allergy diagnosis. For this reason, many of our most popular products have to do with allergy relief from pet dander and pet saliva. There are products and solutions for allergy sufferers who want to keep their pets or to add a pet to their families.

Anti-Allergen Pet Shampoo by The Ecology Works is a natural, gentle hypoallergnic pet shampoo for your beloved pets. The gentle formula is designed to eliminate allergens that cause on-going irritation and sensitivity for people and pets. This shampoo helps pets overcome skin problems caused by dust mites while limiting allergens found in pet dander. Also, odor protection keeps your pet smelling fresher for longer stretches of time.

Here are some product features and ingredients:



  • Cleans and conditions for a soft and healthy coat
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  • 100% biodegradable plant and mineral based formula
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  • Ingredients: Deionized water, plant and mineral based non-ionic surfactants, anti-allergen additive, aloe vera, yucca, neem tree extract.
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