CDC Studies Effect of Carpet on Allergies

The Dalton Daily Citizen reports that Emory University, the Center for Disease Control, and the American Lung Association are working together on a $1.2 million study to determine whether the presence of carpets affects lung functions and allergy symptoms.

Generally, allergy experts advise that carpets and rugs can make allergies worse, and some allergy sufferers even rip out all the carpeting in their homes in hopes of reducing allergies.

However, according to Werner Braun, president of a carpet industry group based in Dalton, ‘For approximately three or four years, we have been collecting data on the level of dust and allergens in rooms that are carpeted vs. rooms that are not carpeted. All of the analytical data that we have been able to generate shows there are much higher levels in a noncarpeted room than a carpeted room.’

Braun compares carpet to an air filter: ‘If it

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