Clear-Ease Natural Fruit Lozenges

When your nasal passages are congested, there is nothing more frustrating. Headaches and difficulty breathing can keep you home from work and stuck in your home. Sinus cavities are painful when swollen. Clear-ease Natural Fruit Lozenges help reduce the swelling naturally in a convenient dissolvable tablet. These lozenges can help relieve sinus discomfort, nasal congestion, ear congestion, stuffiness, and hoarseness.

_According to the manufacturer, Clear-ease is an advanced blend of fruit extracts containing 1,000,000 enzyme units of Bromelain from pineapple and 500,000 enzyme units of Papain from papaya in each pleasant tasting lozenge. These natural enzymes enable this dietary supplement lozenge to promote healthy sinus function, support clear nasal passages, and to help maintain overall well-being.

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