Have Any Food Allergy Advice?

We recently had a mother write to us for advice and help with food allergy questions. Recently, she found out that her 3 year-old is allergic to dairy protein (specifically Casein) and nuts. One problem is that milk and cheese are staples of his diet. Also, it is a vegetarian family, so these foods were an important source of protein.

_She needs some advice on how to get around offering him dairy products, while meeting nutritional requirements and maintaining the boy

One thought on “Have Any Food Allergy Advice?

  1. Robert Cravens April 11, 2011 / 9:53 am

    To Jamie I have been on a anti-inflammatory diet for 13 months now from Doctor Asa Andrews book Empowering your health. He says to use goats milk because is closes to the human milk. Without added hormones and antibiotics. I also use goats milk yogurt.

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