Introducing the Friedrich Kuhl

Friedrich Kuhl Window Air Conditioner

Recently, we added Portable Air Conditioners to our website, because we know that the summer heat is right around the corner. We also use one of these units in our own Computer / Mechanical room to maintain a constant temperature. During our research for this project, we came across a new and exciting window air conditioner, the Friedrich Kuhl (Cool!). Our whole staff knew immediately that this AC was something we had to offer to our fans.

_The Friedrich Kuhl SS10M10 is a window air conditioner with 9,500 BTU of cooling power. This ultra premium, programmable unit is Energy Star qualified. The Kuhl is designed with commercial grade durability for home or commercial use. With a host of easy-to-use features and simple installation options, the Kuhl SS10M10 provides comfortable and quick cooling for spaces sized up to 400 square feet.

_An entirely new, satin silver front with illuminated touch controls places the Kuhl SS10M10 at the forefront of room air conditioner design. New digital controls provide comfort and convenience. You will have a range of program options that are usually found with expensive central air systems. This window air conditioner is one of the quietest available. All of these features give you years of quiet operation and reliable performance.


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