Miele Callisto Receives An Upgrade

Miele Callisto Vacuum CleanerMiele has upgraded one our top selling vacuums to make it even more attractive to vacuum cleaner fans. The immensely popular Miele Callisto canister vacuum has received an upgraded power brush.

_The Callisto now comes with the new SEB-228 Electro Plus. The Electro Plus is a more powerful brush that is recommended for use on medium pile carpeting and some high pile carpeting. The Miele Callisto still comes with the SBB-300 Parquet Twister, so it also works great on area rugs and all smooth flooring.

_The new Miele Electro Plus (SEB-228) features:



  • Automatic brush shut-off in the event of blockage to prevent damage
  • _

  • A 5-step height adjustment for a variety of carpet types and densities
  • _

  • A 14

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