Allergy Drops Work Better Than Allergy Shots, Less Painful

sublingual allergy dropsSublingual allergy drops constitute a form of immunotherapy – just like allergy shots – but the drops are not injected with a needle. Rather, one drop is placed under the tongue three times a day, and the drops can be self-administered.

According to CW2 News, Dr. Michael Menachof, an ENT physician in Englewood, CO, says, ‘Generally, with the shots, it's in the six-to-nine-month range that they start to feel better. With drops, we have people coming back two, three months, sometimes even six weeks, noticing a big difference.

‘Medicines can work well but they don't do anything for the underlying allergies; they are just treating the symptoms. This actually effects the underlying allergies as well.’

Allergy drops cost about $13 a week, but many allergists do not offer them yet. So far the drops have not received FDA approval, but Dr. Menachof says approval is on the way.

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