Dust Mites Make People Vulnerable to All Allergens

According to Yahoo! News, a new study to be published in Investigative Dermatology concludes that an enzyme in dust mite feces destroys the protective barrier of the skin, leaving it vulnerable to other allergens and irritants.

Toshiro Takai of the Atopy (Allergy) Research Center in Tokyo explains, ‘In a healthy person, the barrier is complete and irritants can't get into the skin. But partial disruption of the barrier facilitates passage of allergens and other irritants.’

This study proves that dust mite allergen is a big problem for people who suffer from any type of allergy, including skin allergies and asthma. Learn more about dust mites at Dust Mite Frequently Asked Questions. Drive dust mites out of their ideal environment (your bed) with dust mite encasings. Our exclusive brand of allergy relief bedding, ALLERGY ARMOR, will protect you from dust mite allergen while you sleep.

The referenced article also points out that, according to the World Health Organization, asthma affected 300 million people worldwide in 2005, killing 255,000, and experts expect asthma deaths to increase by 20 percent over the next decade.

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