Experts: One of the Worst Pollen Seasons in Years

pollenAccording to CBS News, experts say that the South is having one of the worst pollen seasons in years.

Dr. Gillian Shepherd, spokesperson for the American Academy of Allergy, Asthma and Immunology (AAAAI), attributes the high pollen counts to an unusually warm weather with a lot of rain.

‘For example, the poor folks in Atlanta over this last week have had pollen counts of 6,000,’ says Dr. Shepherd. ‘That means in every cubic meter of air there are 6,000 grains of tree pollen. As you're walking through just this space of air, that's what's hitting your eyes. That's what's hitting your nose.’

Dr. Shepherd explains that ‘hay fever’ is a misnomer: ‘It's not caused by hay. This time of year, it's caused by tree pollen. And also you never get fever with this.’

‘If there's 6,000 grains of pollen per cubic meter outside, you want to avoid contact,’ suggests Dr. Shepherd. ‘Tree pollen season is notorious for causing itchy eyes. Keep the filters on in your air conditioning units. If you go outside and there's that much pollen around, it's going to get stuck in your hair. Think about washing your hair before you go to bet at night. If you've got a pet, wash the pet, otherwise, you may as well be outside rolling in the pollen yourself.’

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