Home Remodeling for Allergy Sufferers

wood floorI just moved into a new home here in Atlanta and had to do quite a bit of remodeling. The floors were in really bad shape, and I decided to rip up the remaining carpet, pull up all the nails and tacks, sand the original wood floors, and refinish them. I am very happy with the results! Now the dust mites won't be able to hide in carpet!

If you decide to remodel your home, be sure to wear a mask (especially if you're sanding floors). Construction dust is particularly harmful to the lungs. You can also seal off rooms with plastic and work on them individually to prevent contaminating the air in the whole house.

I've been running an AllerAir VOCARB air purifier at my house since I started the remodeling, and it's done a great job of getting rid of that initial mildew odor plus the subsequent paint smells.

Ventilation is important, too. Be sure to open windows and doors when you're working with paint or other chemicals.

Want to allergy-proof your home? Read about how we allergy-proofed our office: Allergy Relief Retailer Allergy-Proofs New Headquarters.

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