LightAir: A New Take On An Old Idea?

_In a continuing effort to provide the best products for our customers, we at achoo! Allergy are always looking for new products and technologies in the air purifier/air cleaner field. Recently we discovered a relatively new Swedish company that offers a very modern and sleek air cleaner. Sold primarily in Europe this unit is being launched into the North American market this fall.

This new product purports to offer a better take on a not-so-new technology, ionization. With the collapse of the Sharper Image and its popular Ionic Breeze, there have been few positives emerging when it comes to ionizing air purifiers. The production of ozone, a harmful lung irritant, and low efficiency have been two serious problems plaguing this technology. LightAir believes it has solved these problems with the LightAir IonFlow 50.

The IonFlow 50 comes in three styles, two of which are free standing and a third that can be suspended from overhead. All three are extremely light, quiet and compact. Their stylish appearance helps them blend into the d

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