Pollen Allergy Season Already Hitting A High in Florida

If you're heading to Florida anytime soon, you may want to take a box of tissue – and maybe even a portable air purifier for your car.

While most of the country is still thawing out and hearing the first chirp-chirps of the rapidly approaching spring, allergic Floridians are already reeling from the pollen.

According to the Bradenton Herald, tree pollen counts are already high in the sunshine state.

‘There are a lot of allergens down here, and they are present most of the year in one form or another,’ says Dr. John P. Cella, a board-certified allergist at Allergy Affiliates in Bradenton.

In Florida, early tree pollen season starts in February, and some of the trees re-pollinate in the fall and winter. When the grass starts growing, grass pollen is added to the mix.

‘Typically, up north, there is tree pollen for a few weeks, then grass pollen, and then in August is ragweed,’ explains Dr. Cella. ‘But early tree season here started a couple of weeks ago.’

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