Remove Hidden Allergens From Guests

For pet allergy sufferers, keeping dander out of the house seems like an easy task if you don't own a pet, but there are still some hidden ways that dander can make it's way inside your home and on your furniture.

_Since pet dander can be as small as just a few microns, it can easily become airborne and attach to household items, particularly clothing and upholstered furniture. So while your buddy, Phil, may be bringing the cheese dip for the Superbowl party, he's likely also carrying a healthy dose of cat dander from his three shorthaired Persians.

_But don't exclude Phil just because he's a cat owner (or a Patriots fan). There are a couple quick and easy ways to ensure that the cat dander that came with him doesn't make you miserable for the next week.

_By vacuuming with a HEPA vacuum cleaner, you can not only clean up the nacho crumbs left on the sofa but also pet dander and other allergens that guests can commonly bring inside your home. When vacuuming to improve your health (not just appearances) always opt for a vac that has a sealed system and true HEPA filter. Vacuums that lack these features often only redistribute allergens throughout your home.

_For throws and decorative pillows, you can simply toss these in the dryer, on high heat, for 15 minutes to kill and remove most allergens that may have settled on them.

_For any surface that is prone to collecting allergens from visitors, another convenient solution is an anti-allergen spray. These come in a few varieties but all do the same thing, denature or oxidize protein allergens.

_So even after a house full of guests, these simple things can help remove hidden allergens that have made their way into your home.

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