Allergy Medication Linked to Suicide

WNYT News reports that today, February 28, 2008, the FDA will open two days of hearings regarding communicating the possible risks of the allergy drug Singulair, which has been used by millions of allergy and asthma sufferers.
Allergy drug Singulair linked to suicidal thoughts and actions.
The August 2007 suicide of 15-year-old Cody Miller after just 17 days of Singulair use has sparked interest in the drug manufacturer Merck's notification program. Cody's mother said that by the second week of her son's Singulair use, he began having trouble sleeping, followed by ‘three days of really falling, negative emotional meltdown’ before he took his own life. Neither they nor their doctor had any awareness of Singulair's danger.

Although the company says that it has notified pharmacists and physicians of potential dangers, Singulair's warning didn't include suicidal thoughts and actions until October 2007, two months after Cody's death.

Whenever taking any medication, it's important to read existing warning labels and whatever other information is available about the drug; in addition, because not all information may be publicized, it is crucial that special attention be paid to any unusual side effects – including atypical behavior – that appear around the time of beginning the drug. Discuss anything suspicious with your doctor immediately.

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  1. waffles March 12, 2008 / 7:14 pm

    It's weird to think that someone who had no clue who this guy was posted an article about him months after he died.

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