Smog, Ozone Linked to Premature Deaths

smog & premature deathAccording to CNN, a National Academy of Sciences report contradicts White House officials who say that the connection between smog and premature death has not been shown sufficiently.

‘The report is a rebuke of the Bush administration which has consistently tried to downplay the connection between smog and premature death,’ says Frank O'Donnell, president of Clean Air Watch.

The report concludes that ‘short-term exposure to ambient ozone is likely to contribute to premature deaths.’ It also states that ‘studies have yielded strong evidence that short-term exposure to ozone can exacerbate lung conditions, causing illness and hospitalization and can potentially lead to death.’

If you must spend time outdoors in heavily polluted areas, wear a mask – and clean the air in your home with an air purifier.

Air pollution not only damages your lungs, but it also damages your heart. See Dr. W. Gerald Teague, MD on Air Pollution & Your Health to learn more.

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