Dust Is Toxic Too

I often go TheSoftLanding.com to research safe, non-toxic products for my children. Especially when it comes to plastic items, navigating what's safe and what could contain hormone-disrupting or neurotoxic chemicals is particularly difficult; it helps to have a guide for helping me choose safe products. In fact, I'd say what AchooAllergy.com is as an allergy resource, the Soft Landing is for non-toxic children's products.

As you can easily imagine, both an allergy friendly home and a non-toxic home involve maintaining a home environment that's healthy and green. Often, concerns regarding these two arenas overlap, as when we discussed vinyl in Hidden Allergens: Shower Curtains, a topic which The Soft Landing also highlighted when it linked to Center for Health, Environment, and Justice article Eww. What's that Stench? Volatile Vinyl.

A recent Soft Landing blog entry, Top Ten Ways to Bust Toxic Dust Bunnies, points out that in addition to triggering allergies, dust is one of the ‘most significant sources of childhood exposure to toxic substances.’

Children are especially susceptible to the toxicity dangers of dust because:

  • They are still developing.
  • They breathe in more air than adults and also mouth-breathe more often.
  • They have a higher heart rate and thus absorb chemicals into their tissues faster.
  • They have a greater surface area, so dermal absorption is greater.

_The Soft Landing lists the following recommendations

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