Natural Fragrance for Your Car

Lavender is an excellent choice for natural fragrance.Dust mites, pollen, pet dander, and mold are not the only allergy triggers. Even things that are not typically considered allergens can trigger symptoms. Fragrances are one exaqmple. Whether they're in cleaning products, candles, lotions, or home fragrance sprays, the chemicals in fragrances can lead to itchy eyes, sore throats, skin irritation, sneezing, and more

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  1. Mel June 2, 2010 / 1:59 pm

    Thanks for the article. Here is another interesting view point on how allergies are formed and how to alleviate the symptoms. <br> <br>Our immune system is a reflection of our unconscious minds. It is now proposed that many allergic reactions may have a fundamentally psychological cause.<br><br>According to immunologist Dr. Michael Levi, an allergy is like a "phobia" of the immune system. In the 1950’s Levi won the World Health Association Award for his research demonstrating that viruses were infectious. As a result of his many years of work with the immune system, Levi contends that, when a person develops an allergy, the immune system has in essence formed a kind of phobic reaction to a certain type of substance, and then begins to panic when it gets around it. <br><br>Symptoms of an allergy are produced by the results of this type of phobic reaction. Levi also asserts that other forms of allergies are like a "tantrum" of the immune system — that is, the immune system is throwing some sort of fit because it was not being taken care of properly, or was getting so fatigued and tired that it was striking out as a person or a child might have a tantrum.<br><br>In the same way that we learn and acquire emotional responses, our bodies learn and acquire immune responses. The fact that such deadly illnesses as small pox and polio have been virtually wiped off the face of the earth is a testament to the fact that our immune systems can learn.<br><br>The major issue in dealing with an allergy is reeducating the immune system. Our immune system has two basic ways of dealing with foreign material in our bodies – passive and active. A passive immune response is primarily carried out by macrophages – white cells in the blood stream that simply engulf and digest the foreign material. In fact, the term "macrophage" literally means "big eater." The active immune response is carried out by "killer" T cells – cells that attack and destroy foreign matter. <br><br>It is possible for example for someone to trigger an immune response psychologically and unconsciously as a way of escaping from a stressful situation or occupation. The process is unconscious and may be one of our fundamental "survival" systems. It is our unconscious mind's way of telling us to avoid a situation.<br><br>Hypnotherapy can progressively undo this learnt pattern not suitable for eg nut allergies and remove the conditioned immune response.<br><br>If you would like more info visit my website at or call my office in Newport Beach California at 877.244.9130<br> w

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