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Allergy Armor's Antimicrobial Finish

Aegis Antimicrobial Technology - Allergy Armor's Antimicrobial FinishAllergy Armor's antimicrobial finish is one thing that sets this premium allergy bedding fabric apart from all of the rest. But just what makes finish antimicrobial? The antimicrobial finish on Allergy Armor Ultra is AEGIS microbe shield. So what is AEGIS and how does it work?

The AEGIS microbe shield is based on the unique properties of a certain polymer, 3-Trimethoxy silyl propyl dimethyl octadecyl ammonium chloride. One end of this polymer has long molecular chain that acts like a sword and punctures the cell membranes of microbes (bacteria, mold, etc.), killing the microbes. When applied to fabric, the microbe shield acts like a protective layer of swords.

Ultra Allergy Covers - Allergy Armor's Antimicrobial Finish

The AEGIS microbe shield is not a chemical leaching technology. In other words, it is not a chemical treatment that kills microbes by poisoning them. Microbe death results from a physical action by the layer of "swords." The molecules do not transfer anything to the microbes or to human skin. The molecules do not rub off; they stay in place and remain effective. The microbe shield does not leach onto the skin, nor will it ever cross the skin barrier.

The AEGIS microbe shield is completely invisible, colorless, and odorless. It is safe for humans and the environment. The AEGIS microbe shield has been used in medical settings for nearly 40 years with absolutely no safety risks. Unlike some antimicrobials that rely on harsh or even toxic chemicals, Allergy Armor's antimicrobial finish is registered with the Environmental Protection Agency, and in use in hospital clean rooms, on clean room garments, on surgical drapes, etc. It's also used in baby diapers, socks, athletic equipment, etc. And now it's even part of the Washington Redskins' uniforms!

"What makes the AEGIS Microbe Shield unique is that it functions through a physical mode-of-action versus the chemical poisoning associated with traditional antimicrobials," said Curtis White, Chairman and CEO of AEGIS. "This physical mode-of-action prevents microbes from adapting to the shield so there is no ability for 'super bugs' to develop resistance."

Antimicrobial Shield on Allergy Armor Ultra BeddingOverall, the AEGIS Microbe Shield is the safest and most effective microbe barrier on the market. With a solid history, AEGIS has been making products to protect against microbes for over three decades. When all of this was factored in, AEGIS Microbe Shield was an easy choice as the antimicrobial agent we wanted to offer with Allergy Armor.

As a note, after many years of operating independently, AEGIS was acquired by MICROBAN. As a natural fit, AEGIS is now a part of the MICROBAN line of antimicrobial technologies and products.

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