Allergy Free Hotel Rooms?

My family will be attending a conference in Jacksonville over this Labor Day weekend and staying at the Hyatt Regency there. While looking at the Hyatt website, I came across their offering of hypoallergenic rooms.

Keeping allergen exposure to a minimum while travelling is a problem many allergy sufferers face. Bringing items like portable air purifiers and even your own allergy bedding can help control allergies while staying in a hotel, but these options are not always convenient. An allergy-free room, maintained by the hotel you're staying in, seems like an excellent alternative.

So just what makes these rooms hypoallergenic? According to Hyatt, Respire by Hyatt rooms undergo ‘an additional six-step process to reduce airborne particles and minimize the presence of potential irritants.’ These six steps include a one-time shock treatment to minimize irritants, complete disinfection of the air handling unit with application of tea tree oil, hypoallergenic mattress and pillow covers, a medical grade air purifier, vacuuming with units that have ‘special filters that trap pollen and dust mites,’ deep cleaning and disinfection of room surfaces to remove allergy triggers, and every surface treated with an application to eliminate bacteria growth.

This all may sound great

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  1. Jen September 6, 2011 / 12:33 pm

    Dear Achoo!,

    I work for PURE Global, the company in charge of all international and domestic installations of PURE Rooms.

    I can ensure you that there is no bleach used in our process.

    Also, the comment about the rooms only having the process done every six months is partially true…. You see the rooms are cleaned daily by housekeeping, and are maintained every 6 months by trained PURE technicians. Should the hotel be in a location with a higher particle count, extra maintenance visits or steps in the PURE Room process may be taken.

    The maintenance schedule has been researched, and improved upon over years and is based on:

    1. when the air purifiers filters need to be changed

    2. when the PURE products used to ensure that there is no bacterial growth tend to weaken in high traffic areas This is done to ensure that no bacteria growth is occurring and that the rooms are as fresh as can be

    3. when the Tea Tree Oil tends to dissipate

    4. How often the Air Handling Units need to be cleaned

    If you have any more questions regarding PURE Rooms please do not hesitate to contact me.


    Jen Howe, PR Specialist for PURE Global
    Pulaski, NY

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