Allergy Bedding

Allergy Bedding
Free Allergy Pillow Cover with the purchase of any Allergy Armor Bedding PackageOur Allergy Armor allergy bedding packages are the first line of defense against dust mites and other allergens. Use our uniquely designed pillow covers, mattress covers, and duvet covers for complete protection. Increase your allergy bedding protection with pillows, blankets, comforters, mattress pads, and mattresses.

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Allergy Bedding
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Allergy Bedding Buying Guides and Resources

allergy relief bedding buying guide Allergy Bedding Buying Guide - Crafted from unique fabric blends, mattress and pillow covers are specifically designed to block out dust mites and other allergens. This guide will help you determine which type of product works for you based on the quality, durability, breathability, and feel.
Allergy relief bedding comparison chart Compare Allergy Bedding - This handy chart presents a side-by-side comparison of all our allergy relief bedding. Includes available sizes, care instructions, pros and cons.
Hypoallergenic Pillow Buying Guide Pillow Buying Guide - Despite the all-star role of the pillow, many people use pillows that are too old, too dirty, or simply the wrong pillow for their sleeping posture. This pillow buying guide is designed to help you evaluate the options and choose the best pillow for you.
Allergy relief bedding comparison chart Compare Allergy Pillows - Compare our most popular pillows side-by-side. Hypoallergenic down pillows, wool pillows, foam pillows, allergen barrier pillows. Not sure which is right for you? This pillow comparison chart will select the right pillow for you.
Allergy Relief Bedding Medical Abstracts Allergy Bedding Medical Abstracts - These abstracts of medical journal articles summarize scientific research results and explain why allergy relief bedding is a must-have for allergy and asthma sufferers.

Complete Allergy Bedding in Four Easy Steps

Are you are allergic to goose down, pet dander, or dust mites? Do you wake up in the morning with a stuffy nose, itchy eyes, sore throat, or other allergy symptoms? Do you suffer from nighttime allergy and asthma attacks? You will be surprised how much allergy relief bedding can help. Follow these four easy steps to set up your own allergy relief bedding with complete protection from down, pet dander, dust mites, and other allergens:

1. After ten years, the weight of the average mattress doubles due to dust mites and their waste particles. Yuck! You spend about a third of your life on your mattress, and if you have allergies, you definitely don't want to share your bed with millions of microscopic organisms. If your mattress is more than 10 years old, you should replace it with a hypoallergenic mattress and a mattress pad.

2. After only a year, the average pillow sees a 10% increase in weight due to dust mite infestation. Replace all of your old pillows with hypoallergenic pillows. They're just as soft and comfortable as down pillows without all the allergens!

3. Dust mites are the most common cause of year-round allergy problems and asthma. Protect yourself from dust mites by covering all of your bedding with dust mite proof covers. Encase your pillows and mattress with Allergy Armor allergy bedding. This tightly woven, breathable microfiber fabric acts a barrier between you and your mattress.  It is impenetrable to dust mites and other allergens. Use box spring covers and duvet covers as well for extra protection from dust mites, pet dander, and other allergens.

4. Top off your new allergy bedding with an allergy blanket or comforter. Having allergy bedding doesn't mean you have to sacrifice style! We carry a wide variety of textures, styles, and colors to delight even the most discriminating tastes.

Follow steps 1-4 to create your own complete allergy bedding barrier and get the good nights sleep you deserve.