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UV Air Purifiers & Antimicrobial

Top Five UV Air PurifiersIncreasingly, people are searching for air purifiers that focus on destroying or filtering bacteria, viruses, and other pathogens. Recent scares with SARS, H1N1, and the Avian flu virus have all helped raise awareness of microbe filtration. Though traditional HEPA filters are capable of filtering many types of germs and microbes, air purifiers with UV light sterilize them by altering their DNA and consequently inhibiting their ability to reproduce.

UV air purifiers must be strong otherwise it takes multiple passes before a germ is actually destroyed or sterilized by the light. On the other hand, UV light can be harmful to humans. So within the air purifier, it must be secure and located where outside exposure is not possible. Other types of air purifiers for germs use antimicrobial agents in the filter media to kill or sanitize. While there are many types of sanitizing air purifiers available, below are the best models to safely neutralize pathogens or best used for people with a compromised immune system. Find your ideal UV air purification system below.






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9 Item(s)