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Asthma Treatment

For asthma sufferers, sometimes reducing the allergens in the environment is just not enough. Our asthma control products have been carefully chosen for both children and adults. A peak flow meter can help you monitor how well your lungs are functioning from day to day. For immediate asthma treatment, you need a nebulizer and holding chamber which are easy to use, compact and convenient to take with you.

More Information On Asthma Treatment

Controlling asthma is a two-step process: treatment and prevention. AchooAllergy.com offers products to help you with both. Since the majority of asthma sufferers have allergic asthma, reducing your exposure to allergens can help reduce your asthma symptoms and prevent asthma attacks. For more information, please see our helpful tips to avoid allergens at home. We offer a variety of air purifiers and other products to keep your home clean and free of lung irritants, so that everyone in your family can breathe better.

Asthma medicine goes a long way in helping people who suffer from asthma cope with their condition. There are two basic types of asthma medications - long-term medication that helps prevent asthma attacks, and quick-relief asthma medicine, which avert acute asthma attacks. There are several devices that aid in the administration of asthma medicine. Holding chambers, for instance, are used with medicine that comes in an inhaler, and helps ensure maximum delivery of medicine to the lungs, while nebulizers turn the medicine into an aerosol form that can be easily inhaled.