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Upright Vacuum Cleaners Top Five

Top Five Upright VacuumsUpright vacuums are the most common type here in the U.S., but by no means are all upright vacuums created equally. The best upright vacuums have superior filtration, and certain features that set them apart from the rest.

Height and suction adjustments, use on both carpet and smooth floors, a sealed system, suction, useful accessories, and cleaning reach are all features that can separate a good upright from a great one. Versatility is key as vacuums are no longer simply appliances to keep your floor cleans. The best uprights can clean throughout the home, and the cream of the crop will actually clean the air your in home while they work.

Price, longevity, and brand reputation are always things to consider. If you're looking to buy upright vacuums, browse our choices for Top Upright Vacuum Cleaners to help you select the model that would fit best in your home or office.








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9 Item(s)