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Child Humidifiers - Compact Humidifier

Top Five Child Humidifiers OnlineFor people who travel or for children, a large, room humidifier is simply too much. This is where a compact or kids' themed humidifier can be the perfect solution for dry air. Despite their size, this group of small, travel humidifiers provide the same sinus relief as full size models and work well during a business trip, at the office, or in a dorm room while others fit perfectly well in a nursery or child's bedroom.

Size and cost are the two key elements to a small humidifier. For children, design, simplicity and safety are also very important, and above all, each must be capable of providing soothing relief from dry indoor air, coughing and cold or flu symptoms. Compare each of the models below to find which of the top five travel and child humidifiers best meets your needs.