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Airfree Air Sanitizers

Taking a novel approach to air purification, the Airfree Air Sanitizers use only the power of heat to quietly and effective kill microbes and pathogens while reducing mold, other fungi spores, and even the dust mite allergen from your indoor air. Silent and compact, Airfree air sanitizers and purifiers fit into any home or office, operate in complete silence, and eliminate the need for costly and messy filter changes.

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More Information On Airfree Air Sanitizers

Air Free Purifiers


AchooAllergy.com is an Airfree Authorized DealerAs a relative newcomer to air purification, Airfree air sterilizers takes a new approach to cleaning up your indoor air. Instead of filtering out things like microbes, mold spores, and dust mites, it actually destroys them using a very basic mechanism - heat.

How Do Airfree Air Air Sterilizers Work?


As air containing microbes and allergens enters the Airfree it is drawn up into the device via natural convection currents. In the patented thermodynamic core, temperatures reach nearly 400° F, and at these temperatures, bacteria and viruses, no matter how dangerous, simply cannot survive. Other organic particles, like dust mites and mold spores are essentially incinerated. This happens on a microscopic level with the only byproducts being minuscule amounts of carbon dioxide and water vapor. The cleaned, hot air rises into a cooling chamber then ultimately exits through the top of the unit and back into the room.

So What Are the Benefits?


Benefits of AirFree Air SanitizersFirst, Airfree air sanitizers and purifiers are certified. They are lab tested under ISO conditions. So while you can often see results with a traditional air purifier (from being able to see a visibly dirty filter), with an Airfree you have lab tests and certifications to back up the results. And since all models use only heat to sterilize the air, there are no replacement filters. This means that after you purchase and Aifree, there are never any residual or recurring costs - ever.

Lab tests show a dramatic reduction in a variety of organic organisms. Viruses like H1N1, Avian flu virus, and SARS are all killed by Airfree's patented process. Bacteria and mold spores are also destroyed and removed from your indoor air. Dust mites are also reduced as neither the dust mites themselves nor their related allergenic particles can withstand the heat. All of these things add up to cleaner, better quality indoor air for anyone with allergies, compromised immune systems or those simply wanting to reduce their chances of catching a fall/winter cold or flu.

The simplicity of Airfree air sanitizers and purifiers is unmatched. There are no filters or UV bulbs to replace. Aside from adjusting the nightlight or changing the color (in the case of the Lotus), there are no settings or fan speeds to adjust. The only real maintenance that is ever required is periodically dusting the exterior of your Airfree.

Because there are no fans, this also means there is no noise. These air sanitizers and purifiers operate in complete silence, which makes them ideal for light sleepers and for use in bedrooms.

Lastly, there is no ozone produced. Tests actually show the Airfree REDUCES ground level ozone levels by more than 25%. With no ionization technology, there are no ions produced.

Important Things to Keep in Mind


There are a few things to keep in mind with an Airfree. First, the process of ridding your indoor air of pollutants takes time. Because there is no fan and the units rely on convection current to circulate the air, best results aren't often achieved until after a week of continuous use. While effects will start after just 15 minutes, it takes time to cycle through the air in the room where the Airfree is operating.

While these units are great for organic particulate, they will not address things like VOCs, certain types of odors or smoke. Some of the particles found in these substances can be removed by the Airfree but many are not. Keep in mind your needs when selecting any air purifier.

The last thing is to remember the space where you want to use your Airfree. The larger models, like the Lotus and Onix 3000 can effectively clean areas up to 650 sq. ft., but there are also minimums. Generally, you want a minimum of 300 sq. ft. of space for these models to operate at their best and properly circulate air throughout the space.

About Airfree


Like many air cleaning products, Airfree was developed by someone closely effected by allergies. The founder of Airfree has a son with allergies. Working from the original notion of using heat to destroy airborne allergens, the concept for the Airfree began to take shape, eventually leading to what you see today. Founded and manufactured in Portugal, Airfree products are used in homes as well as industrial/commercial applications and can be found in more than 50 countries across the globe.