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Honeywell Air Purifier Filters


Honeywell HEPA filters are universal and stackable. Simply stack multiple units to replace older filters models. Select a filter below to learn how many filters you need and which models each fits or read below to see the full range of models and filter needed. Honeywell HEPA filters should be replaced every 3-5 years. The Honeywell activated carbon pre-filter should be replaced every three months for continued removal of odors and light smoke.

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Filter Results

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6 Item(s)

More Information On Honeywell Air Purifier Filters

Honeywell True HEPA Filter HRF-D1
Filters are stackable. Stack multiple units to replace older filter models.
(2) HRF-D1 for purifier models 10500 and 17000, replaces filter model 20500
(1) HRF-D1 for purifier models 10590 and 50100, replaces filter model 20590

Honeywell True HEPA Filter HRF-F1
Filters are stackable. Stack multiple units to replace older filter models.
(2) HRF-F1 for purifier models 11520,12520,17200,18150,17400, 50150, 50200, replaces filter models 21500, 22500, 23500
(3) HRF-F1for purifier models 13520, 50250, replaces filter model 24000
(4) HRF-F1for purifier model 50300, replaces filter model 29500

Honeywell Activated Carbon Pre-filter HRF-AP1
Replacement activated carbon pre-filter helps reduce common household odors and traps more dirt particles than standard carbon filters. Replace approximately every 3 months. Fits every round Honeywell Air Cleaner.