Our Favorite Handheld Steam Cleaners and Steam Mops

Many of us classify our homes as our havens, but, unfortunately, they can also be havens for undesirables, such as germs and bacteria. It is important to keep your home as clean and hygienic as possible to protect those in the household from health issues and allergies. Using a steam cleaner or steam mop is a quick and simple way of deep cleaning areas of your home.

Steam cleaning your home will help to get rid of allergens and contaminants. This will improve and enhance the home environment, which can boost your quality of life. You can reduce the risk of health problems arising and provide valuable protection for your household.

Steam cleaners and steam mops offer a cost-effective solution to improving hygiene levels in the home. If you opt for a handheld model, you can also enjoy portability and ease of use.

Deep Cleaning Without Chemicals

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When you use handheld steam cleaners or mops, you can benefit from ease, convenience and speed when it comes to keeping your home clean. This is why we believe these devices provide the perfect solution for those hoping to minimize on germs and bacteria. They are also very simple to use and do not require chemical cleaners to provide the desired results.

A handheld steam cleaner or mop makes lighter work of cleaning your home. These products have become a popular choice for those looking for efficiency and simplicity.

These cleaners use water to create steam, and this is all that is needed to sanitize your home. The use of harsh cleaning chemicals can add to the health risks for your household.

The Convenience of a Handheld Cleaner

There are many different steam cleaners and mops available these days from a range of manufacturers. Many people prefer to buy a handheld one because it is far easier and quicker to use. The handheld models are generally better for smaller cleaning jobs around the home, or for the elderly and infirm who find that their light weight and portability make them easier to use. They are also terrific for busy parents.

The portability of a handheld is what attracts people to this type of cleaner. If you have areas to clean upstairs and downstairs, a handheld steam cleaner or mop makes it much easier than if you had to carry a full-sized cleaner up and down the stairs.

Our Top Picks for Handheld Steam Cleaners and Mops

Our top picks are:

  • The Reliable Pronto 100CH Handheld Steam Cleaner: This steam cleaner is portable and lightweight, which makes it easy to transport. You don’t need to use any chemicals with this product. It is perfect for spot cleaning, sanitizing surfaces and even steaming fabric.

The cleaner has a pressure-sensitive trigger, which enables you to clean surfaces and kill germs with the touch of a button. You can freshen up fabrics with speed and ease, as well as get to areas that are difficult to reach. An additional benefit is its ergonomic design, which makes it easy to handle and comfortable to hold.

The Reliable Pronto 100CH Handheld Steam Cleaner

The Reliable Pronto cleaner provides optional levels of cleaning power with its 4-bar pressure. It heats up in just two minutes and maintains a constant high-steam flow during use.

It comes with an integrated safety system and a range of accessories. You will also benefit from its lifetime boiler guarantee for additional peace of mind.

  • The Soniclean Handheld Steam Cleaner and Mop: This handy machine offers total versatility, as it provides you with two cleaners in one. This cleaner offers excellent value for money. You can clean and sanitize your home without any problems, and you can convert the full-size cleaner into a handheld in an instant.

When you use this product as a full-size steam cleaner, it is ideal for tiles, floors and large surface areas. You can then simply detach the body of the cleaner from the frame to transform it into a handheld for smaller areas.

Another money-saving feature is that you can use generic replacement cloths or pads. You won’t pay more for branded replacements, which will save you even more over the long term.

You will receive a range of attachments and accessories with this cleaner. This appliance produces steam in a fraction of the time that other cleaners take.

You will get up to 12 minutes of continuous steam from each tank of water.

The Soniclean Handheld Steam Cleaner and Mop


Both products are designed to help rid your home of harmful bacteria and germs. They are affordable, effective and easy to use, making them an excellent choice when it comes to deep cleaning your home.

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