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Soniclean Handheld Steam Cleaner and Mop

  • Item #: SC0013
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  • Inexpensive Way to Sanitize w/o Chemicals
  • Wide Variety of Attachments Included
  • Two-in-One Steam Mop & Handheld
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    Soniclean Handheld Steam Cleaner and Mop

    As the most economical and cost effective way to sanitize and deep clean your home, the Soniclean steam mop is your 2-in-1 cleaning solution. Use the included pad/cloth with the power of low moisture vapor steam to unlock odors, kill germs and remove stuck-on grime and debris from tile, laminate and linoleum floors. When you're finished, attach the shoulder strap, and unsnap the body from the frame to convert this Soniclean into a lightweight handheld steam cleaner. This steam cleaner not only saves you money with an affordable initial price, but there's no need to buy specific replacement cloths or pads. Any cloth or microfiber pad that is the right size will work!

    From bedbugs and dust mites to bathroom bacteria and germs, 212° steam kills pests and pathogens throughout your home. The heat of this steam loosens stuck on grime and unlocks trapped odors even from hard surfaces like stainless steel or granite.

    If it's floors you are tackling, you simply fill the water tank and seconds later clean steam is at your fingertips. Keep the mop and buckets of water and chemical cleaners in the closet. No longer worry about wet floors since the low moisture steam from the Soniclean portable steam cleaner literally dries in seconds. Expand your cleaning versatility by using any of the free accessories and brushes to expand your cleaning throughout the home. From your mattress and countertop to grout, grills and even your oven, this chemical-free cleaning system removes the dirt and grime you can see while destroying to germs, bacteria and viruses that you can't.


    • The Soniclean steam cleaner is a highly versatile, dual use steam mop & handheld steam cleaner.
    • This 2-in-1 capability allows you to quickly steam clean floors and sanitize countertops, bathrooms, and furniture quickly and easily.
    • 212° steam safely and effectively destroys microorganisms, viruses, germs and even kills dust mites and bed bugs.
    • This steam cleaner comes with 10 unique attachments (a variety of brushes pads, and other specialized tools) to make even the toughest cleaning jobs a breeze.
    • Lightweight and includes shoulder strap.
    • Twenty foot cord provides ample cleaning range.
    • With a simple pad locking system you can use any correctly sized terry cloth or microfiber towel/pad instead of purchasing specific pads or wasteful disposables.
    • Provides 8-12 minutes of continuous use per tank of water.
    • Using "flash heating", the Soniclean handheld & steam mop produces steam in about half the time it takes traditional steam cleaners.
    • Swivel head design provides a wider range of movement for cleaning those hard-to-reach spaces.
    • One Year Warranty

    Soniclean Handheld Steam Cleaner and Mop - A Closer Look

    Quick Guide To Soniclean Steam Cleaner Accessories

    • Squeegee Hand Tool is designed to make quick work of cleaning windows, mirrors, and glass.
    • The Garment Hand Tool can remove the wrinkles from clothes and curtains. It can also be used to sanitize your mattress.
    • Nylon Brush Set includes three brushes to handle most of your cleaning and sanitizing needs. A large brush for wide coverage which is great for scrubbing tile and grout lines, triangle and detail head brushes for getting into tight spaces.
    • Wire brush makes short work of cleaning metal, grates and it is designed to take the work out of really tough cleaning jobs.
    • The Scraper Nozzle is ideal for removing wallpaper.
    • The Jet Nozzle shoots out a jet of steam which works well for those hard-to-reach areas or for localized, spot-specific cleaning.

    Soniclean Steam Mop & Handheld Steam Cleaner Reviews
    Soniclean Steam Cleaner & Mop

    As one of the simplest and easiest ways to clean, a steam mop is handy in nearly any household. From tile to linoleum and sealed hardwoods to other types of smooth flooring, a steam mop uses only two ingredients to clean, water and heat. With the Soniclean steam mop, you get all of the basic functionality of a steam mop but also a handheld steam cleaner, all in one package. So not only does it deep clean floors, but the Soniclean steamer also sanitizes bathroom fixtures, kitchen countertops, stoves and even furniture. After a weekend with the Soniclean 2-in-1 steam cleaner, this is what stands out.

    What I like about the Soniclean Steam Mop

    If you've been browsing our website, the first thing you'll notice is that the Soniclean steam mop bears a striking resemblance to the Gruene steam mop. This highlights something that many consumers often do not notice or consider. Many of the home appliances you see nowadays are sourced from the same place. Often the same company and even the same factory will product near identical products, label or color them differently, then ship them off. This is the case with the Soniclean and the Gruene steam mops. They share the same design and features but differ in name, price and color. With that being said, let's continue!

    Perhaps the most innovative features of the Soniclean steam mop is its ability to convert to a hand steamer. While more expensive models, styled after canister vacuum cleaners, provide this option, most less expensive floor mops lack the ability to clean anything beyond your flooring. While I would not suggest that as a handheld steam cleaner, the Soniclean is going to perform like a canister (lacks the higher temperature, higher pressure, longer run time, and some accessories), the added versatility is a decided advantage over comparable steam mops. To use you simply unlock and remove the center section, and you're ready to go. This functioned exactly as advertised, easy to use and convenient.

    In addition to the versatility of having a two-in-one steam cleaner, the Soniclean comes with a decent variety of attachments and nozzles. The three nylon brushes are pretty much your all purpose brushes used to help dislodge caked in grime and loosen debris that the steam alone has difficulty removing. For me triangle shaped brush worked fairly well for the grout in our two bathrooms. The one thing to remember about this sort of application is that steam cleaners do NOT suck stuff up. They are not vacuum cleaners. A lot of people get snagged on this, but they simply do not work this way. The steam combined with the scrubbing action helped pull out things like pet hair and general grime, but if you are working in heavily soiled areas, it's best to go back over things with a broom or vacuum to get any large debris you have loosened up.

    The garment attachment will be useful for many. It is not quite as effective as a traditional iron, but it does work well, particular for shirts. The squeegee worked about the same as the type you'd find at a gas station. So it cleaned as well as the common ammonia-based cleaner without the ammonia odor and residue. The wire brush was handy, particularly for more rigorous cleaning jobs, like the oven, hand tools, and other surfaces where you need the durability of metal bristles. The jet nozzle was the last useful attachment for me, particularly for around faucets, handles and other places where the seams/joints are too fine to use a bristle brush attachment.

    As a steam mop, the Soniclean performed in line with similarly priced models. The moisture content is a little higher than canister models but in line with other steam mops. Drying time took about two to five minutes, so by the time I was done with one room, it was already partially dry. One interesting side about the use as a steam mop. Most brands make you use their specific cloths either by sizing it a certain way to giving it a unique way to attach to the steam cleaner, but with the Soniclean steam cleaner you can literally use any cloth that is sized to fit the steam head.

    Traditional cleaning uses a wide variety of chemicals, with most employing ammonia or chlorine as their active ingredients. While these chemicals work well in some instances, they leave behind residues, emit harmful odors, and some can be downright dangerous to your health. Not to mention the fact that if you have small children in the home, chemical cleaners represent a danger that every parent considers at some point. With a Soniclean steam cleaner you avoid this. This isn't to say that you will dump all of your cleaners and be completely satisfied with the Soniclean, but at the very least, it is a step towards reducing the chemicals that you are spreading throughout your home in favor of effectively cleaning with just heat and water.

    At 212°, the steam is more than hot enough to kill dust mites and bed bugs. The heat from the Soniclean steam cleaner also kills germs and bacteria while helping to unlock trapped odors (for this reason, if you have a pet in the home, the house might smell like wet dog right after steam cleaning - it's unlocking and releasing trapped pet odors in the flooring). So whether it is pests or germs, the Soniclean steam mop can likely take care of it.

    What I do not like about the Soniclean Steam Mop

    As a steam mop, I've not complaints about the heat of the steam. In some instances it would like it to be a bit higher, but the temperature is right in line with comparable models.

    The tool caddy on the back can be a bit tricky. Like tool caddies on other home appliances, a lot of movement and bumping around can knock them off. This is a relatively minor problem though.

    Lastly, on the flooring, the Soniclean didn't dry quite as quickly as a few other steam cleaners I have tested. It took a few minutes for all of the steam vapor to evaporate. Don't get me wrong, it was NOTHING like how wet the floors get when using a mop.

    Overall, the Soniclean steam cleaner is a versatile tool to add to your home cleaning lineup. It's lightweight, heats up quickly, and effectively steam cleans and sanitizes throughout the home. Using the Soniclean as a handheld steam cleaner is a big plus, while the price is hard to beat. Aside from replacing worn brushes, you won't rack up maintenance costs since it will use about any right-sized cloth, and there are no water filters to replace. So if you are looking for a simple way to improve the appearance and health of your home without using harsh chemicals and sanitizers, the Soniclean two-in-one steam mop is a great place to start.

    Product Questions

    Does this come with pads or would I have to purchase separate ones?
    How long does it take for the unit to heat up?
    Does this product work well on unsealed hard wood floors as well as bathtubs?

    Soniclean Handheld Steam Cleaner and Mop Specifications

    Color: White w/ Black Trim
    Size: 46" H x 7" W x 11" (Mop head)
    Voltage: 120 V
    Watts: 1500W
    Cord Length: 20 feet
    Tank Capacity: 470 mL (15.89 fl. oz.)
    Total Weight: 8 lbs.
    Hand Steamer Weight:       
    3 lbs.
    Heat Up Time: 30 seconds
    Operating Time: Continuous steam (8-12 min per tank)
    Steam Temperature: 212° F
    Warranty: 1 Year Limited