The Five Best Air Purifiers for Homes with Pets

We love our furry friends, even if they make us sneezey, wheezy and itchy. If you’re one of the 15 percent of people who suffer from pet allergies but have decided that a life with your four-legged pals is worth the frustrating symptoms, we commend you! Luckily, air purifiers are a great way to make your pet-friendly household more hospitable for you and your home’s other two-legged residents.

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Installing an air purifier in your home is a great way to help eliminate pet dander and to help pacify your most frustrating allergy symptoms. These compact machines work by collecting microscopic allergens and sealing them away so they don’t recirculate into the air you breathe. Achoo Allergy proudly supplies some of the best air purifiers for homes with pets, and these are our top picks.

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  1. Austin Air Pet Machine – Made in America specifically with pet owners in mind, the Austin Air Pet Air Purifier is consistently at the top of our list of the best air purifiers for pet-owners. Here’s why: it offers 60 square feet of medical-grade true HEPA filters, which effectively remove 99.97 percent of particulate 0.3 microns.

    What’s more, this double-duty air purifier is also designed to eradicate pet odors—including foul odors associated with litter boxes, accidents and even pets themselves—using 15 pounds of a special carbon blend material. It covers about 1,500 square feet and is a good choice for just about any sized room.
  1. IQAir HealthPro Plus – Rated the best all-around HEPA Air Purifier for Allergies and Asthma, the IQAir HealthPro is pretty impressive when it comes to helping pet allergy sufferers breathe easier. It’s equipped with three layers of filter media and IQAir’s unique sealed system to ensure that particles are captured and trapped, so that you enjoy better quality air. IQAir’s HyperHEPA filter captures airborne particles as small as 0.003 microns with a guaranteed minimum efficiency of 99.5 percent.

    This high-performance pet air filtration system is ultra-quiet and built to last a lifetime with a generous warranty to protect your purchase. We recommend this model for larger rooms up to 1,125 square feet.
  1. Blueair Pro Series Air Purifiers – With quiet-running operation and filters that outperform HEPA standards, these dander-busting air purifiers are a top-notch pick for any room. They feature Blueair’s patented HEPASilent technology, which captures 99.97 percent of microscopic particles of 0.1 micron. Not only are these purifiers a top pick for homes with pets, but they are also a good choice for homeowners who want to effectively remove the presence of smoke, odors and gases from the air. The Bluair Pro Series features three models, covering rooms up to 1,856 square feet and comes with a five-year warranty, once registered.

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  1. Advanced HEPA+ Air Purifier – The Advanced HEPA+ model is an excellent pet purifier for larger rooms up to 1,500 square feet and less. Featuring 60-square-feet of True Surgical Medical HEPA and 15 lbs. granulated carbon/zeolite, this machine will effectively capture 99.97 percent of all particles .3 microns and larger. Air is drawn in from all sides of the Advanced HEPA+ unit via its 360° air intake grilles, where it immediately begins to be pulled through the 4 levels of intense filtration.

    Additionally, this model is built to last with heavy-duty steel construction and easy-roll casters. The Advanced HEPA+ air purifiers from Achoo Allergy are made in the USA, energy-efficient, ozone-free, and best of all are backed by our ten-year warranty to protect your purchase.
  1. Airpura V600 Air Purifier – A solid choice for any pet-owner seeking effective allergy relief for larger areas, Airpura’s V600 provides high-quality HEPA filtration for rooms up to 2,100 square feet. It’s the highest-coverage in our top five list, with a powerful German-built motor and better internal airflow than any other air purifier, the AirPura V600 can cover larger areas while producing less noise.

    This V600 residential air purifier uses a specialized carbon blend to not only adsorb but also oxidize a broader range of chemical pollutants and VOCs. Combine this thick, 18 lb. bed of carbon with 40 square feet of HEPA filter media and what you have is one of the most well rounded air purifiers not only capable of removing pet dander and allergens but also chemical vapors, smoke, and odors.

For additional information on choosing the best air purifier for your home, make sure to reference Achoo Allergy’s Air Purifier Buying Guide, which will walk you through all the unique types of air purifiers available in our selection.

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